Yuzu Emulator Corruption Errors code list featuring bad or corrupt dump

Not all errors are made equal, but a great number of errors can be caused due to the same issue. With the same cause, the resolutions of said errors are often the same as well. In this article, we are going to learn more about the Yuzu Emulator Corruption Errors code list featuring bad or corrupt dump, and how to fix it. Here is everything you need to know:

Yuzu Emulator

For the uninitiated, emulators are programs that allow you to play games from other platforms, on your PC. Yuzu Emulator is used to emulate the famous gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. The console has made the rounds in the news lately, for several reasons. Most of the buzz is created due to an issue that has plagued the gaming console industry.

The global shortage in chip production has caused a considerable amount of trouble to famous gaming console companies like Sony and Nintendo. Sony recently released their latest generation gaming console, which has been facing a stock issue since its release. The issue is predicted to lead into mid 2022, but nothing has been confirmed as of now.

Yuzu Emulator Corruption Errors code list featuring bad or corrupt dump

There are several error codes that revolve around the same issue, which is a bad or corrupt dump. Here is a list of the same:

  • 0008-0004 ErrorBadNPDMHeader
  • 0008-0005 ErrorBadACIDHeader
  • 0008-0006 ErrorBadACIHeader
  • 0008-0007 ErrorBadFileAccessControl
  • 0008-0008 ErrorBadFileAccessHeader
  • 0008-0009 ErrorBadPFSHeader
  • 0008-000A ErrorIncorrectPFSFileSize
  • 0008-0013 ErrorInvalidRightsID
  • 0008-0017 ErrorXCIMissingProgramNCA
    • Try rederiving your keys and if that doesn’t work contact the devs.
  • 0008-0019 ErrorNoExeFS
  • 0008-001A ErrorBadXCIHeader
  • 0008-001B ErrorXCIMissingPartition
    • Might be due to improper trimming of your XCI. Try avoiding trimming.
  • 0008-001F ErrorNoRomFS
  • 0008-0020 ErrorIncorrectELFFileSize
  • 0008-0021 ErrorLoadingNRO
  • 0008-0022 ErrorNoIcon
  • 0008-0023 ErrorNoControl
  • 0008-0024 ErrorBadNAXHeader
  • 0008-0025 ErrorIncorrectNAXFileSize
  • 0008-0031 ErrorNSPMissingProgramNCA
  • 0008-0032 ErrorBadBKTRHeader