Windows 11 refresh button not showing on right-click: Here’s how to find it

Windows 11 has currently made the people who use the windows operating system excited. The prototype version has already been launched, and soon the official Windows 11 operating system version will be available in the market.

Microsoft did many changes this time in the latest Windows 11 version. These changes are done for the betterment of the user experience and to make the user’s life easy.
Whether the changes made are good or bad completely depends on the user: but there is one thing that almost every user subconsciously does: refreshing the screen every time one closes the windows, before and after starting the desktop.

Refreshing the screen is something everyone does, and that too every time after an action is performed. But in the recent Windows 11 prototype updates, the refresh button isn’t there where it normally should be.

Here are the simple steps one can perform to find that refresh button in the Windows 11 version.

Finding the button through clicks.
If one is a person who refreshes the screen by right-clicking and clicking the refresh button, unfortunately, the refresh button isn’t available on its regular spot. Here is how to find it:

• Start with right-clicking on the desktop screen.
• Find the “Show more options” options, which will be situated at the last spot in the menu, and click over it.
• After clicking, the refresh button will be available on the menu under the more options menu.
• Simply click on it to refresh the screen.

The old-fashioned keyboard way.
If one is a geek: and geeks use the keyboard for all the tasks over the PC, the refresh button is on the usual spot. If one wants to refresh the screen through the keyboard, press the F5 button, and the screen will be refreshed.

One can now even refresh the browser tabs through the F5 button, which can come in handy for many people.

Final words

As one can see, in the latest updates of Windows 11, the refresh button has hidden a bit inside the more options menu.
One should note that this is just a prototype version, and there are many changes that are yet to come in the operating system. How knows in the final version refresh button will be placed back on its original position as it was in Windows 10.