Top 10 PlayStation 5 (PS5) board games to play in 2022

In this post, we discuss Top 10 PlayStation 5 (PS5) board games to play in 2022.

PlayStation 5 has a huge host of awesome games for you to play and enjoy! Sony’s next generation gaming console takes your gaming experience to the next level with its brand new Dual Sense controller. If you are looking for the best games to play on your PlayStation 5, you are in the right place! We have made a list of cool board games for you that you can play on your PlayStation 5.

It’s always fun playing board games or tabletop games as video games! Think about the board game moves that can be brought to life in animation in a video game! How cool and interactive would that be?!

Keep reading to find out the best board games PS5 has to offer.

Top 10 PlayStation 5 (PS5) board games

top PS5 board games


Have you seen the Hollywood movie adaptation of Battlefield? Then, you should be pretty familiar with this game. The game is so much better than the movie. It doesn’t involve any heroic deeds but instead focuses on the tabletop gaming  experience. Plus, it has smartphone support. This means you can make your move on your phone and watch it play out on your TV. It also supports online play.

Hasbro Family Fun Pack

If you are looking to have some fun family time by playing some really cool board games, look no further. The Hasbro family fun pack is just for you! This family pack consists of four really cool games : Monopoly, Boggle, Trivial Pursuit and Risk. You can have an unlimited amount of entertainment with these games. All four games support local players as well as online players which allows you to play with your friends across countries. 

Chess Ultra

This is the best Chess game you can find in P 5 with stunning 4K visuals. This is the ultimate chess simulation game. If you happen to own a PlayStation VR headset, then you can even play this game in VR mode. This game includes an online ranking system that lets you compete against other chess players and improve your skills. You can even choose the level of difficulty in the game. If you wanna try a different PS 5 board game, you should totally try playing Chess Ultra.


Armella is a digital tabletop where you have to choose a hero and your goal is to make your way through an adventurous campaign. This game combines decrement gameplay styles together such as card battling, RPGs and tabletop strategies. The main aim of the game is fully your chosen hero to become the monarch of Armello despite the obstacles thrown his way!

Fury of Dracula 

If you are into fantasy games, this pick is for you.

Fury of Dracula was initially released in the year 1987 and supported upto for players. Now, the latest version of the game supports five players. One player gets to play Dracula whose goal in the game is to create an army of vampires. The rest of the players are vampire hunters who must stop Dracula and his evil schemes. The hunters move around the board trying to collect clues and discover what Dracula is upto. The PlayStation version of the game is the best one you can find!

Rento Fortune

If you are a big fan of Monopoly, then you must definitely try out this game. Rento Fortune is a dice based game where the player’s main goal is to bankrupt other players. You will take turns rolling the dice and collecting money from your opponent players while trading and expanding your empire and indulging in typhoon activities. This game can also be played solo but it’s always fun to play with your family or a group of friends.


Do you love a good trivia game?  A good trivia board game is all you need! Trivia games like Trivial Pursuit are really good if you are looking for a fun filled evening with your family.

Zen Pinball

Zen Studios has always been famous for the high quality pinball games. In this game, you can find a variety of themed  pinball tables. You can spice up your gaming time by choosing a Star Wars themed table or even a Marvel one. How cool is that?! The beautiful details in the pinball tables will blow your mind away!


Boggle is a really popular game to pass time.  The game is like a word search where you can snake between different letters and try to connect them all together. It’s a great exercise to improve your vocabulary and improve your skills.


Even though this game is not exactly a board game, it is very similar to tabletop gaming. It is based on strategy, forward planning and solid base management. Do make sure you check out CC this game!

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