Top 10 Best Cloud Gaming Services for Android and iPhone devices

The term ‘Cloud Gaming’ is being used more frequently in recent days. I’m pretty sure you would have come across it one way or another and you are probably here to know what it is and to find out a gaming service that suits your needs!

Cloud Gaming also known as gaming-as-a-service allows you to play online video games on remote servers. If the traditional gameplay no longer interests you, give cloud gaming a try! You can play your favorite games anytime, anywhere, and on any of your devices! One of the major plus points of cloud gaming is that you don’t have to download or install the games on your console in order to play. All you need is compatible hardware and a stable internet connection so that the game you are trying to stream on your local device works without any disturbances. A lot of the cloud gaming services available today do not require you to acquire any expensive hardware. This is just another reason for you to start playing your video games online if you haven’t already! 

Let’s take a closer look at how cloud gaming actually works. If you are still a little hazy on this topic, consider this to be a sort of Netflix for games where you actually stream video games instead of videos. Earlier, we needed Blu-ray disks or DVD players to watch videos but now we don’t. Similarly, you no longer need any high-end equipment to play your favorite video games. Every cloud gaming service has its own servers set up in different locations throughout the world. When you are playing a game online with a controller, you are sending an input signal to one of these servers with every press of a button on your controller. The server in turn sends a relevant response which you see as a reaction in your video game. This is basically why there is so much emphasis on the need for a strong internet connection for smooth gaming experiences. If your internet connection does not meet the minimum requirements, you will face severe lag issues.

Now that you have a basic idea of what cloud-based gaming is, let me walk you through the different cloud gaming subscription services available in the market.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia GeForce Now can transform nearly any device such as your computer or Android device or iPhone into your own personal gaming device!

Nvidia GeForce Now is hosted from 20 data centers all across the globe letting you access the one that is closest to you when you are streaming the game. GeForce Now differs from its competitors because it does not have its own curated library of game titles to choose and play from.

It links you with your Steam, Epic Games Store, or UPlay accounts where you can play the games you buy or already own.

The Nvidia GeForce Now comes with three membership plans and the best part is one of them is absolutely free! With the free membership plan, you can play your favorite compatible games for up to an hour at a time! It provides you with a wholesome gaming experience.

PlayStation Now

If you are a huge fan of the PlayStation game titles and own a PlayStation, then this one is definitely for you! PlayStation Now is a cloud-based online streaming gaming service created by Sony. Initially, PS Now was only accessible via PlayStation consoles but now, it’s been expanded to PC as well and soon to other platforms. It has a seriously huge range of PS2, PS3, and PS4 games to choose from and play! All you need to enter this gaming universe is a PS Now app either on your PS4 or PS5. The best part about this is, that you actually don’t have to install most of the games onto your console to start playing! To sum it up, it allows you to play the games you want that are not available on your local console! How cool is that?!

Google Stadia

Is there anything that Google hasn’t set its foot in? I don’t think so! Google Stadia has a multitude of games hosted on its server for the users to choose from. Stadia is totally a free access plan but Google does have a paid subscription service named Stadia Pro. Google Stadia has a large number of servers located in several locations all across the globe which inevitably shortens the distance between the player and the server. This makes the game streaming experience even better and smoother!

Also, Google Stadia works with the Google Chrome internet browser. So, playing your favorite games on your PC, Mac, Chromebooks, and Android / iPS devices is no problem at all! Selected smart TVs or Android TVs like LG, and Sony can also use the Stadia app.

Vortex cloud gaming 

Vortex cloud gaming is yet another gaming application that’s making its way forward in the world of online gaming! Basically, with Vortex cloud gaming you can play any of your favorite computer games on any mobile device. Vortex cloud gaming works similar to another popular online gaming subscription service, Google Stadia. Vortex cloud gaming does require a paid subscription in order for you to enjoy playing its huge library of games. Once you have activated the subscription plan and logged into your account,  you can access a vast collection of amazing games!  It’s more like a Netflix of nothing but video games you can play anytime and anywhere on your mobile device! Plus, the subscription is pretty affordable! If this is your first time with cloud gaming, then Vortex is undoubtedly the best way to get introduced to this new world of games. Currently, the Vortex Cloud Gaming App is free on Android and has about more than 10 million installations.

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna was initially launched in the US in the year 2020 only for select users who opted in. It is accessible to everyone now but still only in the United States. If you are an Amazon Prime member, then lucky for you! You can dive right in and try out Amazon Luna without having to pay any additional cost. As an Amazon Prime member, you can head over to Prime Gaming to check out a few games and get yourself introduced to Amazon Luna. The games available under Prime Gaming will be updated every month so you get to explore a new collection of games! You can easily access Amazon Luna on your Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, Fire tablets, Chromebook, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.


Shadow is undoubtedly one of the best cloud gaming subscriptions available out there! Along with cloud gaming, it also provides its users with cloud computing services. It has a huge lineup of games you can choose from and offers high-performance gaming and a smooth user experience. It offers 4K ultra-high-definition streaming.


Blackout is a very affordable cloud-based gaming subscription service with a super easy-to-use application interface. It also provides its users with a two-week free trial before they start paying for the service. Additional features like multiple profile support and parental control are also available. It has about 300 games in its game library. It supports various platforms like Windows, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, Android, and more.


The best part about NetBoom is that playing games using this service is a straightforward process. You get a really good quality gaming experience with NetBoom provided you have a stable internet connection. Its game library includes popular game titles like GTA V, FIFA, Hitman, etc.It supports Android and iOS devices.


With this gaming service, you can play your favorite PC games on your Android device for free. While playing on your phone or tablet, you can still experience the full graphics of the game as if you are actually on your PC instead.

All you need to do is download the Remote app on your android devices and you’re good to go!


Finally, we have Gloud! Gloud gaming service lets you play Xbox, PS, and PC games. By playing on your smartphone, you get the experience of playing with a console.

The top 10 cloud gaming services are listed above. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing now!