Spotify Palette not working: How to fix it

Many users may be overwhelmed by Spotify’s massive collection. Music fans are very particular about what they want to hear. Users can easily get lost in Spotify when looking for new genres. Spotify Palette is a website that can be a lot of fun to use, but it is not an official Spotify competitor. However, the website can be used in conjunction with Spotify. The website analyses your Spotify song history and generates a color palette for you based on that information. The website’s algorithm considers three aspects of each song: danceability, valence, and energy. The color palette will be a reflection of your interests.

Palette giving you trouble: Fixes?

Having problems with your Spotify Palette is not an alien issue. In fact, it is a pretty common problem that not only you but other people all over the globe face as well. Spotify Palette is a web application; hence making it quite susceptible to bugs and other problems. If you are facing problems with the Spotify Palette, here listed are a few common solutions to help you solve this problem that you may face.

1. Unresponsive website?

Close all your current tabs and then try restarting the browser you are currently using.

2. Loading speed very slow?

Check your server for to see the connection strength and then disconnect and reconnect to your internet.

3. Still facing the same issue?

Cross check if whether Spotify Palette is down for you alone or the other users of the palette as well.

4. In spite of trying the above tips, the issue still exists?

Try clearing all your browser data and then your cache through your browser settings. Previous browser cache is known to interrupt your Palette session.

These are some quick remedy fixes that will help solve your problems with your Spotify Palette. There is no guarantee or official support for the Spotify Palette issues but these are some tried that tested methods which seemed to have done the job and enabled users to get back to listening to music hassle free.