Splitgate: How to make Triple Portal

Splitgate is a game based on Portals. As the game is getting more and more players, more ways and tricks are getting introduced in the community. So is the case with Triple Portal. If you also wonder how you can make Triple Portal in Splitgate, continue reading this article to learn how to make it. Developed by Published by 1047 games, Splitgate is an online multiplayer FPS game whose beta version is available on Linux, Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One that too for zero cost. Coming back to the topic, here are some tips for you to make Triple Portal in Splitgate.

Splitgate Triple Portal: How to make it?

Portal is a gateway through which a player can simultaneously change his/her location. When you make two portals, you enter the first portal and take the exit from the second one. So, what is the use of a Triple Portal? triple Portal lets you teleport to a location where you would not be able to reach with two portals. For instance, suppose you are at Place A and you want to move to Place C. But, you cannot see Place C from Place A to make a direct portal. So, what you’ll do is make a portal at another place, say Place B. Now, you can see Place C from Place B, and you can travel to Place C from there within a second. There are some things that you must keep in mind while performing this trick.

  1. Make sure that the final Place you are visiting is visible from the second Portal Place (Place B).
  2. When applying this trick in Splitgate, make sure to keep in mind, the color of the portal you are entering. The color (say, Yellow) of the first (Place A) and the third Portal (Place C) must be the same to use Triple Portal.
  3. When you are standing at the second Portal (Place B, color: Purple), make the Portal at place C with the same color as that of Place A. After making a successful Portal, do not move ahead. Turn around and move Forward to reach the third Portal (Place C).

So, this was all about using the Triple Portal trick in Splitgate. Make sure to share this article with your friends to help them learn this trick.