Roku vs Roku Express vs Roku premiere: A comparison guide

Roku is taking your home movie experience to the next level! With Roku, you can stream any digital media online directly to your TV! Roku is just like any other streaming platform which you can use to access all of your favourite tv shows and movies. Are you depending on your cable connection to not miss out on your favorite movies? It’s time to ditch it now! Roku’s library holds a myriad of movie titles and TV shows that you will run out of shows to watch!

This digital streaming platform has surpassed 100 million users in the year 2020 and is now one of the most popular services available out there. There are several options if you are willing to include Roku in your life. It comes in the form of a streaming TV stick or a set-top box. Roku asp has its own range of smart TVs called Roku TVs. With Roku TV, you don’t have to use any external hardware like a stick or a box to access Roku’s features.

Roku devices are designed to work in a hassle-free manner that requires almost no setup. All you need to do is download or install Roku, sign up for a subscription and you can start watching your favorite movies!

In terms of setup, all Roku devices need a stable internet connection whether it’s Ethernet or WiFi. If you are using a Roku streaming stick, you can insert it into the HDMI cable slot in your TV. Other Roku devices include an HDMI cable. You can also use the Roku remote for a more smooth, elevated experience. The Roku remote also requires internet connectivity to help you navigate through the channels in Roku TV. Roku offers a range of options for its users to choose from. You can get any Roku device or Roku TV that suits your needs.

Some of the plans Roku offers include Roku streaming stick, Roku express, Roku express Plus, Roku Ultra, etc. But, how do you know which is the right one for you?  Let’s see what Roku’s unique plans have to offer and hopefully this article will help you decide better!

Roku Express

Let’s start with one of the cheapest and most affordable options available in Roku.

Here’s what you get from Roku express,

  • Full HD video support (1080 p)
  • Can connect via HDMI
  • Supports Dolby audio
  • Supports screen mirroring on Android and Windows devices
  • Requires a basic WiFi connection
  • Allows voice search
  • Supports private listening via the Roku remote app

If the basic requisites are all you need, then this plan is the best option available for you. It covers the basic ground at a reasonable price of $30 which is actually comparatively less than Chromecast. If you are willing to spend 10 more dollars, you can sign up for the Roku Express Plus plan which is exclusively sold at Walmart. The one advantage to this plan is that it works even with older televisions that don’t have HDMI ports. Other features are the same as what you get in Express.

Roku Streaming Stick

It’s often common that people to confuse the Roku streaming stick with the Roku Express but the streaming stick does have some features that make it stand apart. The Roku streaming stick is also available to its users at an affordable price and supports full HD videos at 1080 p.

It includes a quad-core processor and hence it is more powerful than the Roku Express. In terms of looks, I have to say the Roku Express wins this round. Its sleek remote device look is hard to miss no matter where you misplace it.

The Roku streaming stick is a point anywhere remote which means you don’t exactly have to aim it at the Tv for it to work. This is not the case with Roku Express. All the other features are pretty much the same for Roku Express  and the Roku streaming stick. They also include headphone jacks for private listening and similar shortcut buttons for channel navigation. Roku Express is also cheaper than the streaming stick.

Which one should you get? Roku Express or Roku streaming stick

As you can see, the difference in what both services provide is very minimal, it really isn’t a big deal if you choose either. If cost is your concern, you can go for Roku Express. If you are worried about portability, you can code the streaming stick!

Roku Express vs Roku Premiere 

Both Roku Express and Roku Premiere look like tiny boxes that will be barely visible on your TV stand. Even though the Roku Express and Premiere look similar in appearance and retail for almost the same price, they do have striking contrasts when it comes to streaming quality.

The Roku Premiere fully supports 4K videos. And because of this, it is slightly more expensive than Roku Express at $39.99. But it’s a great deal if you think about the 4K content streaming facilities Roku Premiere offers.

Which one should you buy?Roku Express and Roku Premiere

Available at the lowest price, Roku Express can only stream videos in high definition (HD) which is pretty decent for what you’re getting at this price. The Roku Premiere offers 4K video streaming which is about four times sharper and clearer than regular HD. If video quality is your main concern then, you should opt for Roku Premiere without a doubt! If you concerned about the price but still want a good streaming experience m, Roku Express is the perfect choice for you.

Roku provides an easy-to-use interface with more than 3500 channels for you to navigate and watch your favourite shows. It includes several popular streaming services such as CBS All Access, Hulu, Sling TV. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy your at-home movie experience!