Pokémon Unite Save Game Data: How to do it

Pokémon Unite is an upcoming online multiplayer combat arena video game created by TiMi Studio and published by The Pokémon Company for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, and the game will be launched on mobile in September 2021, while the Nintendo version will be accessible tomorrow. Apart from this, the game is receiving a lot of criticism before its release, and due to this, the introduction video of the game on YouTube became the most hated video on the Pokémon company’s channel.


You take on the role of a Pokémon, and the game comprises contests between two teams of five players. Each match is time-limited, and the goal is to gain points by beating wild Pokémon; the team with the most points wins. The game’s map is divided into two parts, each of which has various control points that will boost your Pokémon’s vitality when you visit them. Your team will also win the match if you seize all of the other team’s control points.

The game begins with a low-level Pokémon that has not evolved. The Pokémon’s level rises with each battle won in the contest, and they learn new combat moves. A “unite” move is also included in the game, which is unique to each Pokémon character. In the game, type efficacy is absent.


Fans are unhappy since they had high expectations for this game based on past Pokémon games, and the game was described as “a big project” by the company. Many fans were anticipating a new RPG in the main core series to be unveiled; therefore, many were disappointed when the game was revealed since it was a mobile version of a spin-off game.

Save game data

Developers have said that the game will autosave at regular intervals and that there is no need to save manually.

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