Pokémon Unite can’t use Pokémon error: This can be the reason

The Pokémon Company will be releasing Pokémon Unite, an online multiplayer battle arena video game produced by TiMi Studio. It’ll be available for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. The mobile version of the game will be available in September 2021, while the Nintendo version will be available tomorrow. Before its debut, the game is getting a lot of criticism, and because of this the game’s introductory trailer on YouTube quickly became the most disliked video on the Pokémon company’s channel.
Fans are disappointed since they had great expectations based on previous Pokémon games, and the game was billed by the studio as “a big project.” Many fans were expecting a new RPG in the main core series to be released, so when it was discovered that it was a mobile version of a spin-off game, they were disappointed.


The game consists of battles between two teams of five players in which you play as a Pokémon. The game starts with an un-evolved low-level Pokémon. Each fight won in the contest raises the Pokémon’s level, and they acquire new combat moves. The battles are time-limited and the aim is to collect points by defeating wild Pokémon; the team with the most points win. The map of the game is separated into two sections, each of which has numerous control points that will increase the vitality of your Pokémon when you visit them. If you take possession of all of the opposing team’s control points, your team will win the game.

The game also includes a “unite” move that is unique to each Pokémon character. Type efficacy is not included in the game, as it is in other Pokémon games.

Why can’t you use some Pokémon after some time?

The reason for this is because of the licensing. Limited licenses for Pokémon received as a reward or event are only available for a set period of time, after which you will no longer be able to use that Pokémon.

If you wish to use a Pokémon indefinitely, you’ll need a Unite license, which can be purchased using Aeos gems and money.

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