Pokemon Go: How To Get Free Pokecoins In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been an entertaining source for us for a long time. In the game, we often try our best to earn Pokecoins. These Pokecoins can be utilised to do in-game shopping. But you cannot get these coins easily, and getting them for free can be quite challenging. But in this article, we share the details on how you can generate free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go.

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Get Free Pokecoins

An effective method of making free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go is via the Gymming method. In the mobile game, we got various gyms, which helps us to store Pokemons. Henceforth, we can keep a max of 6 Pokemon in the gym. You can keep your Pokemon in the Gym if the colour of the gym matches your colour. So if you are Yellow in colour, and the gym colour matches, you can keep your Pokemon in the gym. But if the colours do not match, you can go for a battle (which would be like a raid battle). Upon defeating the Pokemon in the gym battle, you turn the gym from a coloured one into a neutral one. Therefore with this, you can keep your Pokemon in the gym. Now, this is an effective method. This is because the Pokemon you will keep in the gym will be generating 1 coin every 10 minutes. Staying in the gym for 8 hours can help you reach the max of 50 coins. After 8 hours, or after earning 50 Pokecoins, you cannot earn more (despite staying in the gym for 3 weeks) or keeping multiple Pokemon. So an effective method of generating free Pokecoins is by keeping your Pokemon in a gym that matches your colour. You can also battle it out against the weaker Pokemon and capture the gym

Another method of making more Pokecoins for free is from Google. By participating in Google Opinion Surveys, you can get rewards. This money gets stored in the Google Play Balance, which can be redeemed in the game if you are looking to get more Pokecoins. These are some ways you can generate Pokecoins in Pokemon Go for free.