Pokemon Go Charged Attack button not working : How to fix it

The raids feature in Pokemon Go was recently misbehaving, but thankfully, the error was fixed pretty promptly by Niantic.┬áNow, the latest issue being faced and reported by several users online is the charged attack button not functioning properly. Let’s take a look at what exactly the problem is, when a fix could be coming, and some best practices to follow to run your game optimally. Let’s get straight into it.

There are currently two issues with the charged attack button that are listed on the known issues page at Niantic. First up, there’s the charged attack button not working when tapped, meaning the charged attack is not performed by the pokemon even after your tap on it.

The Issue Status is currently listed as Investigating. Most errors do not remain in this stage for long, since once Niantic decides an error needs to be fixed and they get their people on it, it is usually fixed with a week or two at most. We will have to see if the same level of quick debugging will be done with this error as well.

Now, let’s see the other error that has been reported with the charged attack button.

Another way that the charged attack button may be malfunctioning is when it simply disappears, along with the switch button. This can be especially annoying to face since it leaves you with nothing to do in the game. Again, this issue is being investigated and we can hope a fix will come out for it soon.

Always remember to check for updates to the game, and run the game on the latest edition of your phone’s OS. Make sure to turn off power saving mode when you start the game up, so that the game can draw the resources it needs to run optimally on your phone.

We hope this error is fixed soon for all, and you are able to get back to playing the game normally once again.