Fix & troubleshoot: Amazon Luna Network delay and input lag

Turns out Amazon has its own cloud-based gaming subscription service and here are all the deets you need to know! Amazon Luna is a cloud-based application that allows you to play your favorite games on any device you own. Amazon Luna was initially launched in the US in the year …

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fix Vortex cloud gaming app connectivity

Fix & Troubleshoot: Vortex cloud gaming app connectivity issues

Cloud gaming is an exciting technology that allows user to play their favorite games without the need for a dedicated console or hardware. Vortex cloud gaming is yet another gaming application that’s making its way forward in the world of online gaming! Basically, with Vortex cloud gaming you can play …

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fix GeForce Now connectivity Issues

Fix & Troubleshoot: GeForce Now connectivity Issues In Easy Steps

Like many other cloud gaming services, Nvidia offers one of its own called the GeForce Now. In so many ways, GeForce Now works similar to your everyday media streaming services like YouTube or Netflix. When you start playing a game on Nvidia GeForce Now, the nearest GeForce Now server starts …

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Xbox Remote Play not working: Fixes and Workarounds

As we all know, the remote play feature offered by Xbox has been identified as one of the biggest hits from the company and has managed to attract lots of customers. Remote play lets you stream games from your Xbox console to your phone, tablet, or PC and it’s super …

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