Overlook Bay Arcadia Isle Part 2 update adds 20 new ocean pets & new pet wheel for rewards

The part 2 update for Arcadia Isle in Overlook Bay is exciting for the fans. This update has added 20 Arcadia Isle new pets that you can buy and raise. You have to keep in mind that for the time being, these pets are not available in the normal pet shop. For getting these, you have to go to the Arcadia Isle and then go to the depths. The pet shop here will show these exclusive pets.

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New pets

When you enter the pet shop, to your left will be the exclusive pets’ shelf. You can check out the rarity and price of the pets from here. The pets along with their rarity and price are listed below.

  • The Rainbow Starfish is an ultra-rare pet that will cost you 495 Robux.
  • The Shark is a legendary pet priced at 695 Robux.
  • The Princess Jellyfish costs 795 Robux as it is a Godly pet.

There is a new pet prize wheel that is also ready for you to spin. The awards that you can claim from this wheel are – 250 gems, 15 doubloons, 500 gems, 25 doubloons, treasure seed, 10 wishes, and treasure pod. You will have to spend only 250 pet coins to spin this wheel.

You can collect the other pets from the pods. If you walk up the stairs, on your left will be the room where you can buy pods. The pods are of three kinds – Bubble, pearl, and treasure. The different pods have different drop percentages for the rare pets. You will mostly get common pets from the Bubble pod. While you will get ultra-rare and legendary pets from the other two. You can get pets like the whale shark, sea horse, octopus, etc.  Once you get all the new pets, you will see those on the board displayed on the right side of the staircase.

This is all there is to know about the new pets in Arcadia Isle part 2 update. Head in the game and open those pods to claim your pets.