How To Unlock Games & Applications on PS4

PS4 players, are you trying to access a game? Has it got a lock icon due to which you cannot access the same? Read this article where we share the instruction on removing the lock icon from games and applications.

Cause of Error

You have to understand which account that you actually own this application on. This is because a lot of people game share their accounts. Henceforth, people lend their accounts to others to have access and access these games on their consoles without actually paying for the application. Hence as a result, when you access these games with the locked icon, you will get the following message saying:

Cannot use the content

This content can be used only by the following users, who have a license for it If you want to use the content, purchase it from the PlayStation Store.

But this often backfires players. At times, PS4 players who have actually purchased the game on the account they are playing on face the locked icon issue. How to unlock this? How to solve this error? Therefore read this article to find the solution.

Remove Lock Icon on PS4 Games

  • Go to Settings
  • From here, choose Account Management
  • As you click this option, you will get the option of Restore Licenses
  • Click on Restore. This would take some seconds.
  • Check the game if it got unlocked. If not, then follow the upcoming instructions step by step:
  • Login to the account which has got the owner’s license for the game. This means the PS4 account which has bought the game and has got the license.
  • As you login to the owner’s account, go to Settings
  • From Settings, you will head to Account Management
  • As the Account Management opens up from the game owner’s user ID, select Activate As Your Primary PS4. 
  • Select this, and the system will become the Primary PS4 for the Owner Account.
  • Henceforth, from here, you can go back to your Personal PS4 ID by changing the user.
  • From your library, you will see that the lock icon has been removed.

This is how you can unlock any application on PS4.