How to turn off parental controls, motion control and controller on Nintendo Switch

In this post, we discuss hoow to turn off parental controls, motion control and controller on Nintendo Switch

If you own a Nintendo, you probably would want to know how to manage parental control settings. This article will guide you through the entire process of turning off parental control settings and motion control settings. Keep reading!

There are three ways by which you can manage your pain under control settings. They are listed below,

  1. You can temporarily disable the parental control settings
  2. You can temporarily removed the parental control settings
  3. You can permanently remove the parental control settings

Temporary disabling of parental control settings

You would have been required to create a four digit pin initially when you set up your panel control settings on your Nintendo switch app.

Using that four digit pin you can now temporarily disable the parental control settings.

Here are the steps,

  • Go to the Home Screen
  • Select the Parental Control timer
  • Click on OK 
  • Now, enter your four digit pin
  • Click on OK 
  • You will see a confirmation pop up that says parental controls have been temporarily disabled
  • Until your Nintendo Switch enters sleep mode, the parental controls will remain turned off.

Temporary removal of parental control settings

If you are concerned about your child not getting enough play time but you still want to keep an eye on them, this method would suit you best. You can temporarily remove the parental control timer. To get this done, you need the parental control app on your phone and not your Nintendo console.

Follow the below steps to temporarily remove the timer.

  • On your phone, open the parental control app
  • Click on Console settings
  • Toggle the Disable alarms for today option
  • Click on Disable
  • Wait for it to be disabled
  • For the rest of the day , the timer and alarms will be disabled but your other parental control settings will remain.

Permanent removal of parental control settings

If you wish to completely remove parental control settings from your Nintendo switch, you can do that by disabling the settings completely. Once you disable the parental controls, accounts on your Nintendo will be able to play any game without any restrictions. 

The steps are given below for you to follow.

  • Go to the Home Screen on your Nintendo Switch
  • Go to System Settings
  • Click on Parental controls
  • Click on Unregister app
  • Enter your four digit pin
  • Select ok

The above steps will permanently disable parental control settings.

Turn off motion sensor on your Nintendo Switch

When it comes to your Nintendo switch, there is really no way to turn off the motion sensors and controls. But, most of the games that support motion sensors give you the option to turn it off. This means that you can’t actually turn off motion sensor settings system wise on your Nintendo console. Also, you will not be able to turn off motion sensor settings for all the games at once.  Here’s what you can do. You can disable the motion sensor settings from the in-game settings menu while you are playing the game.

But, if you are still looking for a way to turn off motion sensor settings for all the games you play on your Switch, the best way to do that would be to play the games using a controller that doesn’t support motion sensors. With such a controller, you don’t have to particularly worry about disabling motion sensor settings.

Turning off motion control on your Nintendo

Now, this method varies from game to game. The most basic way to do it is as follows,

  • Launch the game
  • Once the game starts, look for the Settings menu 
  • Look for motion control options and disable it

Let’s take a sample game for example. Mario Golf Super Rush is a game that has motion control options in its settings

  • Open the game
  • Go to the options menu or the Settings menu
  • Locate the motion control option under the Option menu
  • If you are playing some other game, the options you find may be different. You might find options like Button Controls, Standard controls or there may be no option to turn motion controls off depending on the game.
  • Turn it off
  • Now, start a game mode that stoppers motion controls
  • Click on button controls
  • Now, the game will be launched with motion controls disabled

Hope this article helps you in managing the control settings on your Nintendo Switch.