How to pair/unpair Oculus Quest 2 with Android or iOS mobiles

The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset is the most affordable way to experience everything the all-new virtual reality technology has to offer. Usually, most VR headsets are required to be connected to a PC or console to be powered but the Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone headset that only ever requires a stable internet connection. It provides a brilliant and immersive virtual reality experience without the need to connect to another device.

Did you know you can actually go rid climbing with your Oculus Quest 2?! How cool is that?! The Climb 2 available in your Oculus Quest 2 library is a rich climbing simulator that will get you sweating in no time. If you are looking to get some exercise in, then this is the perfect VR game for you. The Oculus Quest 2 also supports media streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime. You can now watch your favorite TV shows and movies with a whole new level of experience. Seven better, apps like Bigscreen create a virtual living room for you where you can hang out with friends and watch movies and have fun! With the Oculus Quest 2, interact with people like never before! The VR Chat feature lets you connect with people in a huge community of gamers, content, musicians and so many others. It’s more like your own personal universe!

If you just brought home a brand new Oculus Quest 2 and you are not sure about how to do the setup, don’t worry! Keep reading as we tell you how you can pair or unpair your Oculus Quest 2 with your mobile for an amazing VR experience.

How do you pair the Oculus Quest 2 with your phone?

First things first, before you can pair the headset with your phone, you need to download and install the Oculus app. This app lets you control the Oculus Quest 2 settings and lets you install VR apps remotely.  The app is a prerequisite for setting up your VR headset. The app also lets you enjoy a lot of the headset’s super cool features.

  • Make sure you have a mobile device with Android version 5.0 or higher or an iOS device with iOS 10 or above. Devices with older versions may not be compatible with the app.
  • Go to Google Play Store or the App Store and install the Oculus app.
  • After installing, open the app and sign in with your Facebook account.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can click on Create New Account and sign up for a new Facebook account.

Now we are ready to pair your Oculus Quest 2 with your mobile.

To pair the headset.

  • Your headset needs to be turned on fully charged.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Make sure the Oculus Quest 2 headset is connected to the same Wifi network as your phone.
  • Open the Oculus app
  • Click on the Devices option.
  • Tap the Oculus Quest 2 headset option displayed.
  • Do not close the app or switch of the headset during this process.

Your Oculus Quest 2 is now successfully connected to your phone!

If the pairing doesn’t happen automatically and if it fails, then it needs to be done manually.

  • Put on your VR headset and you’ll be able to dress a five-digit code on the screen.
  • Enter the code in the Oculus app to complete the pairing process.

But, what should you do if you want to pair your headset with another device! Don’t worry! The Oculus Quest 2 allows users to pair the headset with multiple devices as long as the respective device has the Oculus app installed.

To connect to a multiple devices, 

  • On your headset, go to the universal menu.
  • Click on Settings > Experimental features> Multiple accounts and library sharing settings.
  • Toggle ON the option.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts.
  • You can connect to the other devices.

How do you unpair the Oculus Quest 2 with your phone?

If you want to unpair your VR headset from the phone is currently paired to, follow the below steps

  • First, turn off your headset.
  • Press and hold the Power button and the Volume (-) button on the Oculus Quest 2 simultaneously.
  • Hold the buttons until you see the boot screen in your headset.
  • Use the volume buttons on your headset to navigate the screen.
  • Select the Factory Reset option and press the Power button.

Another way to do it is as follows,

  • Open up the universal menu on your Oculus Quest 2.
  • Go to Quick Settings > Settings>Accounts l.
  • Click on Remove next to the account you wish to remove.
  • Click on Confirm.

The Oculus Quest 2 isn’t just about playing games. It offers so much more to its users if only one knew how to access all its amazing features. You can use your VR headset to unwind and relieve all your stress. There are several meditation apps available in the Oculus library. These apps take you to a whole new virtual world of green landscapes surrounded by serene nature where you can control the time and even the weather! The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset provides a wide range of experiences from playing games to working out to relaxing! No one is stopping you! Go and your Oculus Quest 2 now and start exploring different worlds!