How to fix Xbox Cloud gaming lag in simple steps [2022]

In this post we discuss, how to fix Xbox cloud gaming lag in simple steps.

Xbox cloud gaming is the next big step in cloud gaming technology. With just an Xbox Game pass Subscription, you will be able to access Xbox cloud gaming for free. Xbox cloud gaming comes as an added bonus with every Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It allows you to access a wide variety of game titles anywhere, anytime either on your smartphone device, tablet, PC, or even your Xbox console. Previously known as Project xCloud, it started out as a simple gaming service. You need to have a fairly set internet connection and a supported device to play the games.

If you also have an Xbox controller handy, then you are all set! There are several reasons why you shouldn’t give up on this amazing cloud gaming service. The main advantage to playing games on the cloud is that you can save your game and pick up exactly where you left off. You can save your game and resume playing the game even on another device without losing your progress. You’ll be required to download the Game Pass app to be able to stream the games online and play! Your favorite Xbox games can be played on your mobile phone or PC either via the desktop app or via the internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Touch controls are supported on devices with touch screens but you can also use your Xbox controller to play the games.

As required for any cloud gaming service, Microsoft recommends a high-speed internet connection for smooth gameplay while you’re using the Xbox cloud gaming. You need an internet connection with a minimum speed of 20 Mbps or a 5 Ghz WiFi connection. If you miss this important step as a prerequisite, there are chances that you will face regular lag issues while you are trying to access the games via the cloud.

Lag issues occur when there is a delay in reaching the Xbox remote servers. This is why you are likely facing issues in streaming the games.

It will be better if we got a clear understanding of how this issue occurs and it will help us in solving the problem easily. The term latency basically refers to the time taken for the ears to travel between their source and destination. If there is high latency, then the time it takes for something to happen in your game after you press a button will be delayed. For a smooth cloud gaming experience, we need to avoid high latency at all costs. It will cause your games to lag severely and make it unresponsive. Lower latency is what is utterly important when it comes to cloud gaming. We usually measure latency in pings. Ping is nothing but the time taken for the data signal that you send from your game controller to return from the respective server with a relevant response.

Fix Xbox Cloud gaming lag


Fix Xbox Cloud gaming lag

Check your ISP

A really strong and reliable internet connection is inevitable for smooth cloud gaming. If the signal provided by your internet service provider is not strong enough, you will be facing issues frequently.  In that case, you may have to look for a new internet service provider.

Change your router to fix Xbox Cloud gaming lag

If it’s been a while since you changed your router, lag issues can become prominent. Outdated routers are the reason for this issue as they are not designed to handle large amounts of data. You can replace your existing router with a new one that is specifically designed for gaming. This will really help you reduce lag issues to a great extent. These gaming routers have a special ability to prioritize gaming traffic and possess faster processor speeds and a higher RAM.

Optimize your WiFi connection

There are several steps you can follow to make sure you are getting the most out of your WiFi connection.

  • Make sure you are using a 5 GHz Wifi connection instead of 2.4 GHz.
  • Position yourself as close to the Wifi router as possible so the Wifi signals don’t get interrupted.
  • Remove any obstacles in your Wi-Fi path.
  • Make sure your other devices are disconnected from the Wifi network when you are accessing games on the cloud.
  • If you are using any kind of Wifi extender, check to make sure it’s not reducing your WiFi speed.

Stop using VPNs

If you are experiencing high latency issues and using a VPN to connect. Disconnect from the VPN before you try to connect to the remote servers directly. This will help reduce lag issues resulting in low latency values. VPNs are really great and useful for privacy purposes but when gaming is concerned, it adds an extra server for the data signals to bounce off before reaching the Xbox online servers.

Lag issues can be a real menace and super annoying especially when you’re at an interesting part of the game. While eliminating lag issues permanently may not have a stable solution yet, there are several ways we can use to minimize latency values. This article focuses on a few fixes that you can try to immediately resolve lag issues so you can go back to enjoying playing your favorite games.