How to fix toshiba tv remote control not working

In this post, we discuss how to fix Toshiba tv remote control not working.

The television market has been growing tremendously in recent times and this only means we have more options for Smart TVs at affordable prices. More and more TV manufactures have stepped on the online platform where Toshiba is one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Toshiba’s TVs often appear in the list of Amazon’s best selling tvs. Some of the best Toshiba TVs even offer Dolby Vision and HDR and a whole bunch of other smart features. With an impressive quality, a wide range of connectivity features and brilliant display, Toshiba might be the right TV for you!

Is your Toshiba TV remote not working?

Just know that, every electronic device is susceptible to glitches or errors. Your Toshiba TV remote might not be working properly or it may have stopped working altogether. This doesn’t necessarily mean your TV remote is dead. There are simple checks and troubleshoot steps you can go through to get your TV remote working again. This article will guide you on that front. So, keep reading!

Check the TV remote signal

If your Toshiba TV remote control is not working, check the signal indication on the remote. Check that the LED light indicator on the remote is entering a signal and is working fine. 

To check for the infrared signal using your smartphone, do as follows.

  • Open the camera application in your phone
  • Point the led indicator on your TV remote at the lens of your phone’s camera
  • Now, press any button on your Remote control while looking at your phone screen.
  • If you don’t see any light on the led indicator when you press a button, it means the signal is not being emitted properly

Replace old batteries

The very best thing you want to do when your TV remote is not working fine is to replace the batteries. Old or used up batteries will cause malfunction of the remote and you may face issues. Replace old batteries in your Toshiba tv remote with a set of new ones and check if it’s working.

Restart your TV and remote

Sometimes, your Toshiba TV may not recognise the signal sent by the TV remote. This could be due to a minor software malfunction issue. You can do a simple restart to solve this issue.

Here’s how to do a simple electrical restart of your Toshiba TV remote.

  • Remove the batteries from the TV remote
  • Press and hold any button on the remote for a few seconds
  • Now, put the batteries back in the remote
  • Turn on the Tv 

Your Toshiba TV remote control should be working fine now.

Still, if the issue persists, you can try restarting your Toshiba TV. Here’s how to do a simple electrical restart of your Toshiba Tv.

  • Unplug the Toshiba TV from the AC outlet
  • Wait for a couple of minutes
  • Connect the TV back to its main socket
  • Now, use the TV remote control to turn on the Tv

After restarting the TV, your Toshiba TV remote control should work just fine.

Get a replacement

If you have performed all the above mentioned troubleshooting steps and if you are still facing the same issues, then you likely have a defective Toshiba TV remote. It could be a faulty component or due to a software malfunction.  Sometimes, these failures cannot be repaired. In this case, you can replace your old TV remote with a new one. If your remote control is still under warranty, you can contact the Toshiba support team for a replacement of defective remote control. If your remote control is no longer under warranty,  it is recommended to purchase a universal remote controller that is compatible with your Toshiba Tv. The steps in this article will definitely guide you to solve your TV remote control issues in no time!

Toshiba is a great company that manufactures some of the most affordable TVs in the market today. Tv remote controls are super convenient yet, they can be frustrating at times. The troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article have indeed helped several users and fixed their Tv issues. Hope this article helps you too!

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