How to fix Reddit Error 500

Reddit is social platform which provides users with latest news. Users can make their own communities and participate in discussions. It has a unique layout as compared to other platforms.
Now sometimes users while using reddit encounter with an error message knows as “500 Internal server error”. This error usually means that there is a problem in server side of an application. There are many reasons due to which these types of error occur.

Reasons can be: –

1) Account Ban – If you have violated the guidelines of Reddit then your account may have been removed by moderator. Due to which you might be getting error while connecting to server.

2) Backend issues – If there is issue in backend then a lot of users will complain about same problem.

3) Server outage – This is the most common scenario for the occurrence of error.

Since it is a issue related with host server there is not much you can do but you can try the following steps-

1) Clearing Cache and Launching Reddit in Incognito mode – Hit “CTRL+H” on your keyboard to open Browser’s history and select “Clear data” from the left pane. Now click on the “Clear data” button and see if the reddit 500 error persists. If reddit error 500 persists then launch reddit in incognito mode.

2)Checking Reddit status- Visit reddit server website and check your server status

3)Checking Account status – Check if your account is banned or not. To verify if your account is not banned go to
Instead of xxx just type your username.

If none of the solutions work then you should restart your computer or contact your ISP or just wait for some time.