GTA V Enhanced Native Trainer mod 47.5 update available to download (Link inside)

For us gamers, GTA V holds a special place in our heart. You just can’t call yourself a gamer without completing GTA V or other GTA games.


GTA 5 is such a huge game with numerous missions, side-quests, and a lot more most of the time the content is too much for one to play.

Most of the time we are unable to unlock all the content and enjoy it. That’s where the GTA 5 Enhanced Native Trainer (ENT) mod steps in.

The ENT mod is something that allows players to have a lot of customization options right off the start of the game.


  • Skin customizer
  • Vehicle customizer
  • Weapon customizer
  • Organized & extra vehicles
  • Organized & extra teleport locations
  • Ability to save vehicles & skins
  • Saves/restores settings across multiple uses
  • Controller support


For installation first, you need to download the mod. From here.

When you download the mod pack in the zip folder there is a complete guide to install the mod on your system, simply follow the steps given in the readme file present in the download mod pack and it would provide you with the installation procedure and keys/controls.

The option is given to redefining the keys using the supplied XML, which should be placed in the game directory.

Update Changelog:-

  • Removed a nasty bug in the ‘No Scuba Gear Mask’ option. It no longer removes any head accessory – just your scuba mask.
  • Fixed a bug in the ‘Peds Angry’ feature. Some peds attacked themselves
  • A nasty bug in the ‘Manual Respawn’ option is now updated.
  • New and Updated ‘Realistic Crashes’ option, now players can’t control the car when mid-air.
  • Now there is a new updated ‘Auto Apply Last Saved Skin’ option.