GTA 5 Ghost Rider Mod: How to Download and Install

Are you also looking for a guide that will help you install GTA 5 Ghost Rider Mod? If yes, then continue reading this article to know more about downloading it. GTA 5 is an action role-playing game set in the city of San Andreas and Los Santos. The player can roam freely in the cities doing numerous activities and can also complete a series of missions. Moreover, this article is nothing but a guide for downloading and installing an awesome mod for GTA 5. So, here is everything you need to know about downloading GTA 5 Ghost Rider Mod.

Download & Install: GTA 5 Ghost Rider Mod

The Ghost Rider Mod is awesome to play. Just like the Ghost Rider Classic, this mod also features a Ghost Rider Bike feature where you can ride a burning bike like Ghost Rider without facing any explosion in your Bike. While driving Ghost Rider Bike, you can also shoot fireballs to kill people. This Mod is a bonus for Ghost Riders fans. Follow the below-mentioned process to install Ghost Rider Mod.

Requirements: OpenIV and Ghost Rider Mod

  1. To download Ghost Rider Mod, head here.
  2. Extract the Ghost Rider Mod file and open the extracted folder.
  3. Parallelly, open OpenIV 
  4. In OpenIV, head to the following location: Tools> Package Installer> Ghost Rider Mod folder( the one you just downloaded) > Ghost Rider Script> Install> Mods Folder> Install
  5. Now, click on Edit Mode option present on OpenIV window, select mods folder> update folder> x64 folder> dickpacks> addonpeds> dlc.rpf> peds.rpf
  6. Now, copy all the files present in the ped folder of Ghost Rider Mod folder, and paste them here.
  7. Go to GTA 5 file location> AddonPeds> AddonPeds Editor> Peds> New Ped.
  8. Here, write the model name as ghostrider, set Ped Type as Male, and Is Streamed as false.
  9. Click on Add Ped, and then on Rebuild.
  10. To active this Mod in GTA 5, press Ctrl+N.
  11. Congratulations on your new and awesome Ghost Rider Mod.

So, this was all about installing Ghost Rider Mod. Share it with your friends to help them install this mod without any difficulty.