Google Classroom missing dark mode feature requested by many users

Dark viewing option for websites has recently attracted a lot of traction among consumers all around the world. Because of the popularity, Google now offers the ‘Night Eye’ functionality, which allows a person to apply dark mode to any website if someone uses Google Chrome as their browser. The iris in the eyes is more burdened when someone sees a luminous text on a dark screen. When compared to a white screen, it must spread significantly. Dark mode, on the other hand, is preferred when the reader is using a device in low-light situations and does not want to read big blocks of text on any device. Every day, billions of Google searches are executed. This means that billions of eyes are being stressed by billions of bright screens. It’s no surprise that Google Night Mode is on demand.

Google Classroom is the greatest place for students to take classes online from the comfort of their own homes. It’s a non-profitable software that delivers schools and universities at students’ fingertips. It’s simple to set up using a Google account, and no one will be charged to utilize the services. The classroom has all of the necessary features; however, it does not support Dark Mode, which is something that pupils truly miss.
Reasons why Dark mode is preferred by many users-

  • The dark mode plugin will change the look of the Google Classroom to a much darker version.
  •  Night mode, according to Google researchers, might save battery life.
  •  Users with low eyesight and those who are sensitive to strong light will benefit from the improved visibility of the dark theme.
  • The students should be interested in what they’re learning since the dark theme seems to be more engaging.
  •  The aim is to create information that is both fascinating and well-organized and keeps the students interested in what they are learning through google classroom.
  • The classroom theme might serve as a trigger to urge students to participate. One doesn’t need a graphic design background to accomplish this.
  •  Visual performance is better in the light mode for persons with normal vision, yet dark mode may be better for individuals with cataracts and related illnesses.

A Google Classroom application has been identified that promises to allow dark mode. The use of the extension’s superb customizable capabilities to monitor the brightness, sepia, contrast, and grayscale in the best way possible will help the users. It is functioning, however, there may be portions that have not been touched and are still being worked on.