Fix & troubleshoot: Xbox kinect voice commands not working

In this post, we see how to fix & troubleshoot: Xbox Kinect voice commands not working.

Xbox Kinect will enhance your audio and visual experience. You will have the most fun experience with your own free hands using Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect. It may not intrigue hardcore gamers but it sure as hell is simple and extremely entertaining.

Remember the old days when you actually need a controller to play your video games? Microsoft’s aim behind designing the Xbox Kinect is for its user to completely forget about the controller. Xbox Kinect is the first-ever controller free gaming console to ever exist. It’s super fun, fantastic and offers accessible gameplay. It’s also easy to set up the console and comes with an impressive motion tracking technology that lets you play the games with your own bare hands. The only downside to owning an Xbox Kinect is that you require plenty of space and it’s a bit expensive. Space is something need in abundance when you are using the Xbox kinect gaming console because you will be moving around and playing the game based on your motions. You need at least six get off Clear space in from off the sensor when you are playing and right feet of space if it’s a two-player game.

How do you set up your Xbox Kinect?

That’s simple. All you have to do is attach your Xbox kinect to your Xbox console via USB. If you have the new Xbox 360 Slim, you need to plug the sensor into a proprietary plug at the back of the console.

Did you know you can also control your Xbox using voice commands?! As cool as that sounds, it’s extremely convenient as well. Xbox Kinect is constantly alert for any voice activity and immediately responds to the commands. You can simply say ‘Xbox’ to alert your console that you’re going to use a voice command.

For example, Xbox turn on, Xbox turn off, Xbox Help ( to open the help menu) are few such commands. The Xbox Kinect console has a microphone to hear your voice commands so we need to make sure your Kinetic sensor can hear you.

As accurate as Xbox Kinect responds to your voice commands, there may be times when you experience few issues. If Xbox Kinect no longer recognises your voice commands or no longer responds to it, keep reading to find out what can be done to fix it. 

Reasons why your Xbox Kinetic is not picking up voice commands

  • The Xbox kinetic is designed to pick up voice commands from the area surrounding it where you play the game. However, external factors in your home environment like appliances, speakers, fans, and a lot of people talking loudly can definitely interfere with the microphone’s functioning.
  • Also, your Xbox Kinect needs to be turned on and you should be able to see the Xbox logo on display.

Xbox Turn On voice command not working

Isn’t it extremely convenient to just turn on your Xbox by uttering two simple words?! You can simply say Xbox On and that’s all it takes for your Xbox to turn on. But, if this command is not working and you’re wondering why here’s what you could be missing. Your Xbox Kinect needs to be on instant-on power mode for the Xbox On command to work flawlessly. So, double-check on that.

Try re-calibrating your Kinect Settings

If you are facing this issue only with a specific game or app, you can try to calibrate the Kinect sensor from the game or app.

Here are the steps you can follow,

  • Unplug your Xbox Kinect and plug it back in again.
  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Go to Profile and System > Settings.
  • Click on Devices and Connections and then select Kinect.
  • Select enable Kinect’s mic.
  • Choose the option Kinect doesn’t hear me.
  • Follow the remaining steps in the guide to re-calibrate Kinect.

Let’s restart the Kinect gear

This troubleshooting method always works like a charm. Try restarting your Xbox Kinect to check if voice commands start working fine again.

Here’s how to restart your Xbox Kinect,

  • Press and hold the Xbox button in the centre of your Xbox one controller.
  • Open the Power Centre.
  • Click on Restart console > restart

You can also unplug your Kinect from the console, wait for a couple seconds and plug it back again.

Check now to see if you are still facing issues with your Xbox Kinect’s microphone.

There are a variety of  voice commands that you can use with your Xbox Kinect to make gaming a lot easier and more fun. Playing on your Xbox Kinect is also a form of physical exercise you don’t want to miss. It may not be enough to impress hardcore gamers but it will definitely be a test and children and family crowds.