Fix & troubleshoot : Xbox kinect not working/ responding

In this post, we discuss how to fix & troubleshoot: Xbox kinect not working/ responding

Has your Xbox Kinect suddenly stopped working? Or not responding? I know it can be really annoying when your gaming console experiences glitches and restricts you from your gameplay time.  Keep reading as this article explains the issues you are likely facing with your Xbox Kinect and also how to resolve them.

Before we begin the troubleshooting process, ensure that you are following the below steps for your Kinect to function properly.

  • Make sure your Kinect sensor is plugged in and switched on.
  • Place the sensor in a proper place such that it has a clear view of your body movements. Obstructions in the way can cause glitches that interrupt your gameplay.
  • Make sure the room or area where you place the console is well lit.

What to do if your Xbox Kinect won’t turn on or if it isn’t working as expected?

Check the cable connection 

Make sure the cable connecting the Xbox One console and the Xbox Kinect is proper and secure.

  • Unplug the Xbox Kinect from the console.
  • Wait for a couple minutes and plug it back in.
  • Open the menu.
  • Go to Settings > Kinect
  • Wait for your Kinect to be recognised.
  • Turn on Kinect in the Settings.

Check now to see if your Xbox Kinect is working as expected.

Reset your Xbox Kinect gear

Let’s try resetting your Xbox Kinect gear to see if it resolved all your issues.

Here’s how to restart your Xbox Kinect,

  • Press and hold the Xbox button in the centre of your Xbox one controller.
  • Open the Power Centre.
  • Click on Restart console > restart

You can also unplug your Kinect from the console, wait for a couple seconds and plug it back again.

Check now to see if you are still facing issues with your Xbox Kinect’s microphone.

Try adjusting your Kinect settings

You can also try adjusting the Kinect settings by following the below steps.

  • Go to Settings > Kinect and then select the option I moved my Kinect sensor or I am having trouble with Kinect.
  • Follow the remaining steps in the procedure to complete the process successfully.

Keep in mind that you Xbox Kinect sensor and console need to be placed in a well lit area.

Fix Xbox Kinect error message 

Several users have reported that they faced this common error while using the Xbox Kinect.

Kinect setup can’t continue”

Take a look at the below steps to fix this issue promptly.

  • The first step is to ensure that your Xbox Kinect sensor is properly connected to the Xbox.
  • Press and hold the Xbox power button until it is turned off.
  • Turn it back on after a couple minutes.
  • Go to Settings > Kinect to cross check if Xbox Kinect is turned on.
  • Wait for five minutes to check if your Kinect device is recognised.

These troubleshooting steps should work if you are having difficulties setting up your Kinetic device. If this method doesn’t get your Xbox Kinect up and running, your sensor might need professional help or repair.

Solve your sign-in issues

Sometimes, you may face issues while you are trying to Sign in and use your Xbox Kinect sensor.

The steps below will clear your doubts and most likely your sign in issues!

  • First, let’s ensure your Xbox Kinect is properly turned on.
  • Go to Settings > Kinect.
  • Wait for five minutes to check if your Kinect device is recognised.
  • Now go to Settings > Sign in, security and pass key > Sign in and Security.
  • Check whether Kinect sign in if turned off.
  • If it’s turned off, toggle it on.

You should be able to sign in to your account without any issues now.

Fix Voice command issues

If you are facing issues with your Xbox Kinect and voice commands, keep reading. Voice commands are super convenient when it comes to controlling and navigating your Xbox Kinect.

Follow the below steps to recalibrate your Xbox Kinect.

  • Unplug your Xbox Kinect and plug it back in again.
  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Go to Profile and System > Settings.
  • Click on Devices and Connections and then select Kinect.
  • Select enable Kinect’s mic.
  • Choose the option Kinect doesn’t hear me.
  • Follow the remaining steps in the guide to re-calibrate Kinect.

Xbox Kinect may not impress hard core gamers but it certainly tournaments out to be more entertaining for kids and family. It even gives you a really good workout too! If you don’t expect any high end gaming and if fun and entertainment are your main focus then, you can definitely go for the Xbox Kinect.