Fix & troubleshoot: Xbox cloud gaming controller not working

Xbox cloud gaming is a well known online game streaming service that offers a unique experience to Xbox users all over the world. The Xbox game pass subscription service is kind of like a Netflix for your favourite box games. It’s a Microsoft subscription service and Xbox cloud gaming comes free with the Xbox game pass ultimate plan. The Xbox cloud gaming feature can be easily accessed via a dedicated app on compatible devices like Android and iOS phones, tablets, Windows PC and Mac. It started as a very minimal platform but now its horizons have expanded widely.

The Xbox game pass app has a very easy to use interface with a rotating carousel of the various features available on the App. You can view your recently played games, recently added and popular games in the app. Tapping on a game in your recently played locker launches the game immediately. Out of the 385 games available on game pass, about 267 games can be streamed online via cloud. Some popular games like Doom Eternal, The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5, and Gears 5 also make the cut.

Now that we’ve covered the game pass app which is a major requirement for Xbox cloud gaming, let’s move on to the next. As far as controllers are concerned, there is a wide range of compatible controllers that can be used for playing online streaming games. Xbox cloud gaming also super the Xbox wireless controller. Either the Series X or the Xbox One controller will work fine with Xbox cloud gaming.

Although the Xbox wireless controller is indeed a state of the art controller, it’s definitely not without its flaws. No matter which controller you decide to use, it’s not a surprise if you are facing trouble with connecting your controller to play the games.  So, what do you do if your controller suddenly stops working?

Check your controller’s battery

If the controller you are using for the Xbox game pass has low battery, you will be facing issues and the controller won’t likely work properly. Check the batteries in your controller. If they are rechargeable batteries, recharge them and reinsert them and your controller should work fine. If not, replace the old batteries with new ones.

After replacing the batteries, make sure you paste your controller to the console again. Press the pair button on both the devices at the same time to achieve this.

Update your Xbox controller

There is a chance that your Xbox controller stopped working due to its outdated software. Here’s to how to update the software on your Xbox controller. Before we proceed, make sure all external devices are disconnected.

To check if your Xbox controller software is updated, follow the below steps.


  • Launch the Xbox guide.
  • Go to Profile and System > Settings.
  • Under the Device and Connections , click on Accessories.
  • Check the firmware version of your controller.

If new updates are available, you will be able to select the Update Now option. If the software is already updated, it will be displayed on your screen.

Connect controller with a USB cable

If your Xbox controller is not being detected properly, you can disconnect the controller from the console. Now, try pairing the controller to the device by using a USB cable. This method works well especially if you are facing issues with your PC not detecting the console.

Unpair and pair your controller again

Follow the below steps to unpair the controller from your device.

  • Press the Windows + I simultaneously to open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down the Settings page and click on Bluetooth and Devices.
  • Click on the three dots beside your controller.
  • Tap on Remove device.

Wait for a couple minutes before you pair your controller again.

To pair the controller again,

  • Press the Windows + I keys combination
  • Click on Bluetooth and devices option.
  • Click on the Plus icon to add a new device.
  • In the next window that opens, select Everything else.
  • From the list of devices that appear, select your controller.
  • Click on connect.

Once you have paired the controller again, check to see if your Xbox controller is working fine again.

Cloud gaming is indeed an advancing technology that is becoming more and more popular each day in the gaming industry. Without the use of any traditional hardware, you can easily play your favourite games online. The Xbox cloud gaming technology doesn’t necessarily require a controller

to play the games but a controller definitely gives you a much better gaming experience. The Xbox controller comes with a set of buttons, triggers and joysticks that you can use to control the game.