Fix & Troubleshoot: WeChat unable to receive SMS verification code

In this post, we discuss how to fix & troubleshoot WeChat unable to receive SMS verification code.

WeChat is one of the most popular social media applications available on both the Google PlayStore and the App Store. With over a hundred million downloads, WeChat is extremely popular in Asia. 

When you are installing or reinstalling the application and signing up to use WeChat, you will receive a SMS verification code in your phone. You need to enter this verification code to complete your account setup on WeChat. Sometimes,  you may not receive any SMS code. In that case, it becomes a problem as you can’t use the WeChat app.

WeChat unable to receive SMS verification code

Check the phone number you have entered

Make sure the phone number you entered is in the correct format. If the phone number you have entered is invalid, WeChat will not be able to successfully send the SMS verification code to your phone number.

Check the below conditions to make sure you are entering the phone number in the correct format.

  • Entering the phone number without the country code is considered invalid Eg: 9875678276
  • Adding 00 instead of the plus symbol ‘+’ before the country code is also consisted invalid. Eg: 0091

Here’s the correct format to enter your phone number to set up an account in WeChat.

  • The ‘+’ followed by the country code and the phone number is the accepted format. Eg: +919876545787 

Contact the support team

You might still not be receiving any SMS verification code even after entering the phone number is the correct format. In that case, you can contact the WeChat support team to get your issues resolved.

Follow the steps below to contact the WeChat support team for issues with SMS verification codes.

  • Click on this link to go to the WeChat Help page.
  • Under the options, click on the Contact Us section
  • Select the platform in which the WeChat app is installed ( Android or iOS)
  • Select the country where you’re from
  • Select Login and Password category
  • Now, select the ‘Unable to receive SMS coded’ option form the list displayed
  • Select the most recent date when you faced the issue
  • You can type out detailed information about the issues you are facing in the description section. It is recommended to mention the area where you’re from and the GSM operator as well

The WeChat support team will take some time before they get back to you. They should definitely be able to help you arrive at a permanent solution.

Check if you can receive normal messages

Make sure that the mobile number you entered is able to receive normal messages. Sometimes, the issues could be with your phone. Maybe the phone’s network is too weak or maybe you don’t have enough storage space left. This could block the receiving of incoming messages.  Try sending a normal message from any other phone to the mobile number you are using for WeChat.  If you are not able to receive the message, try using a different mobile number for WeChat. If you are able to receive the SMS message, you can contact the WeChat support team and mention the same.

Be careful when you are using the option to resend the SMS verification code when you didn’t receive it the first time. Too many tries at resending the verification may lead to your account being temporarily blocked.