Fix & Troubleshoot: Vortex cloud gaming app connectivity issues

Cloud gaming is an exciting technology that allows user to play their favorite games without the need for a dedicated console or hardware.

Vortex cloud gaming is yet another gaming application that’s making its way forward in the world of online gaming! Basically, with Vortex cloud gaming you can play any of your favorite computer games on any mobile device. Vortex cloud gaming works similar to another popular online gaming subscription service, Google Stadia, which I am sure you will be pretty familiar with. Vortex cloud gaming does require a paid subscription in order for you to enjoy playing its huge library of games. Once you have activated the subscription plan and logged into your account,  you can access a vast collection of amazing games!  It’s more like a Netflix of nothing but video games you can play anytime and anywhere on your mobile device!  You can save up the money you will be spending on gaming hardware and instead use Vortex cloud gaming to play computer games on any Android device. Plus, the subscription is pretty affordable! If this is your first time with cloud gaming, then Vortex is undoubtedly the best way to get introduced to this new world of games. Currently, the Vortex Cloud Gaming App is free on Android and has about more than 10 million installations.

The Vortex gaming app comprises a huge, rich library system where users can pick and play any game they want on any device. Popular games like GTA V, PUBG, and Fortnite can be played right on your mobile device and how cool is that?!

Even though installing the app is absolutely free, you have to pay a certain amount to make use of the gaming features. Vortex Cloud gaming provides its users with three plans:

  • The Basic plan includes a total of 78 games the users can choose from along with 50 hours of gameplay.
  • The Professional plan offers 178 games along with 80 hours of gameplay per month.
  • The Ultra plan also offers 178 games but with a total of 140 hours of gameplay every month.

In order to experience the games in full force without any lag or interference, you certainly need a stable internet connection. If you are facing issues with Vortex Cloud gaming and if you are not able to access the games, listed below are some easy ways to try and resolve the commonly occurring connectivity issues.

Check for server issues

If your Vortex cloud gaming app is not loading or working properly or if the screen has simply frozen, the Vortex cloud gaming server could be having temporary issues. The server may be down causing the loading issue. Or too many users could be trying to access the game at the same time.  You can try after a few minutes to see if it’s working again. Check your internet connection and make sure it meets the minimum requirements.

Run a Ping test

A ping is basically the minimum amount of time taken to send a certain amount of data and receive a relevant response from the server. The ping value has to be lower in order for you to experience smoother and faster gaming. The higher the ping value, the more lags, and delays you will experience while playing your favorite game in your phone.The normal ping value for a wireless connection is close to 30 milliseconds and between 5 and 20 milliseconds for a cabled internet connection.

You can perform an online ping test to measure the response time and check how well your internet connection is working. This will make you understand why you are facing connectivity issues with Vortex cloud gaming. In that case, you may have to change to a high-speed internet connection plan.

Reinstall the app

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app on your phone. Usually, Android will restore all the settings when you reinstall an app and this might fix the connectivity issue that you are facing.

Reboot your Android phone 

Try doing a hard reboot on your phone. Press and hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time for about 10 seconds. Release the buttons and wait for a few seconds. Press and hold the power button until your phone turns on. Now, try accessing the Vortex gaming app. Your issue may be resolved! 

Check for devices sharing the same network 

Let’s not forget that online game streaming is a complicated process and is not that easy. There are several factors that impact the quality of your internet connection. Check for other devices that are connected in the same network that you are using. Overcrowding of connected devices can cause overload and affect your gaming experience. If you have any additional tabs open in your browser, try closing the websites that may actively use your internet connection.

Switch to a cabled connection

If you are using a wireless connection to stream your games on Vortex, you could be facing connectivity issues from time to time. Your WiFi signal can get disrupted in so many ways and usually, it’s better to switch to a much more reliable cabled internet connection.

With the Vortex Cloud gaming app, you can easily enjoy PC or console games without having to worry about any gaming hardware or device configurations. All you need to ensure a smooth gaming experience is a strong internet connection. Vortex cloud gaming service is said to be one of the best and the most affordable gaming services available today! Even though it does have a few shortcomings, here’s to hoping the publisher will improve its performance and provide us with an even better solution. It’s a great application for gamers who want to enjoy playing without the need for any high-end device.

The one disadvantage with Vortex Cloud gaming is that it’s not suitable for professional and high-level competitive plays and thus, you may experience higher pings and lags.

Do try out the above-mentioned steps when you are facing any connectivity issues while playing on the Vortex Cloud gaming app!