Fix & Troubleshoot: PS Now Network delay error in easy steps

PlayStation Now is a cloud-based online streaming gaming service created by Sony. Initially, PS Now was only accessible via PlayStation consoles but now, it’s been expanded to PC as well and soon to other platforms. It has a seriously huge range of PS2, PS3, and PS4 games to choose from and play! All you need to enter this gaming universe is a PS Now app either on your PS4 or PS5. The best part about this is, that you actually don’t have to install most of the games onto your console to start playing! To sum it up, it allows you to play the games you want that are not available on your local console! How cool is that?! The biggest issue gamers and game publishers face in the field of cloud-based gaming is latency issues that cause a lag. Let me explain why.

Let’s look at other non-gaming cloud-based services such as Netflix and Spotify. Users can stream 1080p or even 4K videos from Netflix over an internet connection with an average speed without having to deal with any buffering issues or delays. But, this is not the scenario when it comes to video games. When you are playing a game you will be pressing buttons on your controller to control the actions happening in the game. The input that you are giving to your gaming controller by pressing a button will be sent to the PlayStation Now server and the game video you see on your console is a direct result of this input. This is where the lag happens.  The time that is required for the input signal to reach the destination server is called propagation delay and a high propagation delay could be one of the reasons why you are facing this issue. The time difference between sending the input via your controller to receiving a response from the PS Now server is termed as the ping which plays an inevitable role in determining your gaming experience. The higher the ping value, the more you will experience a lag when you are trying to access your game on PS Now. Cloud-based gaming services are frequently facing lag issues and they are constantly working towards finding a better solution. Because of this, it’s no surprise if you are stuck with your PS Now or if you are facing network-related issues.

One such common error that users all over the world reported they we’re facing is the one mentioned below.

“Unfortunately, your network delay might make PlayStation Now unusable in your area. You can make sure by connecting a LAN cable and trying the connection test again.”

A huge problem that many faces with streaming games online is an internet connection.

Sometimes, connectivity issues become inevitable especially when you’re accessing something remotely from a cloud server and it can become quite annoying. If your PlayStation Now is unable to connect to the internet properly, you cannot make use of its brilliant features such as multiplayer gaming, video streaming, and so on.

If you see the following error on your screen, do not worry! Let’s figure out what we can do about it so you can happily go back to playing your favorite game!

Check PS Now server status

The ping is likely what is causing the network delay issue. If the country/ area where you are located is a bit far away from the PlayStation Now server, you could be facing this issue. You can head over to the link below to check the status of the PS Now server to make sure if the problem lies there.To check PS Now server status:

If the servers are up and running but you are still facing the issue, then the network delay could be due to some instability that occurred with your internet connection.A good place to start to address this issue is to restart your modem or router. Switch off your modem/router and wait for 5 minutes. Turn it back on again and try accessing your games on PS Now.

WiFi vs Ethernet

Another simple way to reduce the latency and make way for a smoother gaming experience is to switch from a WiFi connection to a cabled internet connection. Keep in mind that your Wifi signs can be easily prone to noise and other disturbances. This could in turn interfere with the data signals you will be sent to the PS Now server.

Unfortunately, Wifi signals lose strength more quickly than an Ethernet connection over long distances.

Update your Router

If you haven’t updated to a new router in a long time, make sure you check if an upgrade is needed. Whether you use WiFi or a cabled connection, there is likely a chance for your router to mess up the connection between your computer and your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Your router may not be capable of supporting the high-speed internet you are paying for every month. So, check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and see if your router needs to be changed or upgraded. Changing to a new router may decrease latency issues and resolve your issues with PlayStation Now.

Close unused applications or browser tabs

You may be facing high latency issues which is causing your gameplay to get stuck. Check if any applications are being downloaded or updated using the same network you are connected to while you are playing the PS Now games. Make sure there are no downloads running in the background. If so, turn off the downloads and close the unused web browser tabs to reduce the latency. If you are wondering how you can find out the latency value, then keep reading.

Go to this link to perform a speed test. Click on “Test your speed” and the results will be displayed. From the results, you will be able to find out the download speed, upload speed, and ping value.

Any latency at 100 milliseconds or lower is considered a decent value for uninterrupted gameplay. A latency of 4 ms would be considered the best to play first-person shooter games like Call of Duty. Your internet connection also plays an important role in determining the latency value. Normally, DSL, cable internet, and fibre internet tend to have a lower latency value whereas satellite internet tends to have a higher latency value. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you in resolving the network issues that you are facing with PS Now.