Fix & troubleshoot: Line app not updating/ working In Easy Steps [2022]

In this post, we see how to fix Line app not updating/ working.

These days communication is powered by social media. A ton of instant messaging platforms are available that connect you to the rest of the world in a single blink! Line is a popular instant messaging application and it is available on Windows, Android and iOS. This app allows you to make free voice calls and send free messages to your loved ones as well. This is one of the reasons why Line has gained so much popularity and is being used by millions of users. With a social media app as popular as this, there is no doubt users also have quite a few technical errors along with the app’s brilliant features. 

This article discusses some of the issues users face with the Line app and how to fix them. Keep reading!

Fix Line app not updating/ working In Easy Steps [2022]

Line App Crash Issue

A common problem that Line users face is the app crash issue.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try when your app crashes.

  • Check whether OS running on your phone is compatible with the Line app
  • If the OS is outdated, try updating the OS and launching the Line app
  • Uninstall and remove the app completely from your phone. Go to the Google PlayStore or the App Store and install it again. This should definitely fix the issue.
  • Check for the storage in your device. If there is not enough storage space, the app will crash on launching.
  • Check if the Line servers are up and running. Visit the below link to check the status of the server. If the servers are down, you have to wait until the issues are resolved

Line Account not working 

You may not be able to use the Line app if you are not able to activate your Line account. One of the common issues users face with activating their account is not receiving the verification code. If you don’t receive the verification code as a text message, you can use the ‘Call me instead’ option to verify and activate the account.

You may receive verification code but still see an error after entering the code. In that case, restart your phone and try again.

Problems with Line phone call or video call

Sometimes when you are using the line phone call or video call options, you may face difficulties with sound and video of the phone call.

In such a situation, do this little troubleshooting procedure.

  • Check your phone’s settings
  • Check if your phone speakers are working correctly
  • Check if Line app has access to microphone in permissions
  • Check your internet connection. A faulty internet connection may be the reason for this problem
  • Switch to a stable internet connection

Issue with Sending and receiving messages 

One of the common issues Line users face is with sending and receiving messages. Even with a stable internet connection, you might be unable to send or receive messages properly. In that case, try the below fixes to check if your issue is resolved.

  • Restart your phone. This step will restart both your phone and also the line App 
  • Restarting the device will remove any glitches in the app
  • Check the version of the Line app you are using. If the version of the app is outdated, go to the Store and download the latest version.

Line app not working on WiFi connection

If the Line app is not working while connected to the Wifi, check these below fixes.

  • If you think the Wifi connection you are using is not strong enough, try switching to a different network
  • You can even try connecting another five to the same Wifi network to check if the problem lies with your WiFi
  • Try resetting your WiFi router. This usually fixes any issues with the app
  • Try resetting the network settings on your device by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
  • If the issue still persists, try contacting you internet service provider for assistance

The issues covered in this article are some of the most common ones Line users often face. The troubleshooting steps should be able guide and help you fix the the issue and you will be able to chat with your friends and family with no interruptions!