Fix & Troubleshoot: Google Stadia Something went wrong error in easy steps

Google Stadia is that one place where you can find all your favourite ever video games! You can try out the Stadia games for absolu no cost or you upgrade to a membership and access Stadia Pro. Really, it’s all up to you! Google Stadia has been moving in a promising direction lately despite the many issues users across the globe were frequently facing. And that’s why gamers and game developers alike ought to pay attention to Google Stadia.

Stadia has brought some new changes to its field that will likely put you in awe. If you are a game developer, you can easily introduce your games to the Stadia platform and offer instant free trials to the users. If you are a gamer, you are in luck! You can browse Google Stadia for games with free trials to play. It’s transforming into a try-before-you-buy platform and we are loving it! 

What devices does Google Stadia support?

Google Stadia works with the Google Chrome internet browser. So, playing your favorite games on your PC, Mac and Chromebooks is no problem at all! Selected smart TVs or Android TVs like LG, Sony can also use the Stadia app.  Most of the Android and iOS devices also support Google Stadia which makes it extremely convenient to use this service as there is no special need for a dedicated device. Google’s  Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast with Google TV are also supported. 

It’s been a while since Google Stadia was launched and users all across the globe have started accessing its features. While no cloud gaming service is without its flaws, Google Stadia is no different. Stadia users have reported that they are facing some common issues while trying to access certain features. Some error messages are being thrown and well, that could be quite annoying.

Common errors that Stadia users face are as follows:

  • Please check your connection
  • Something went wrong. The game may stop because your connection isn’t stable.
  • No internet connection

If Google Stadia is displaying an error message indicating that something could be wrong, try troubleshooting the problem in one of the following ways.

Let’s check your internet connection

The first and foremost thing to check whenever it comes to any online streaming service is, undoubtedly, your internet connection! Your internet connection’s reliability and speed play a significant role in making sure all Google Stadia features work perfectly fine. According to Google, you need a minimum of 10 Mbps speed internet connection to enjoy a glitch-free gaming experience.

Here are a few ways to boost up your internet connection,

  • Check the speed of your internet connection.
  • Disconnect other devices from your network. There could be some heavy load activities going on in the other devices that are connected to your networks like app downloads or updates etc. Disconnect them to improve your internet connection speed.
  • If you are using a wireless connection, make sure your Google Stadia device is closer to the router. ( in the same room as the router without walls or anything in between that would cause interference) Make sure your device is within a 2 feet distance from your router.
  • If you are using your mobile data connection to play Google Stadia games and if it’s not LTE or 5G, you will face connectivity issues.

Try a Network Restart

You could be facing connectivity issues while trying to access Google Stadia due to a temporary network problem. That can be easily fixed by doing a simple restart. Restart your computer and your modem/ router. Turn it back on after a couple minutes and check to see if the issue with Google Stadia is fixed.

Try the Google Stadia troubleshooter

Google has indeed thought everything through! It doesn’t just provide you a gaming service but also a solution if you ever face any issues with it. Google has its own interactive troubleshooting solution for Google Stadia users.

Follow the below steps to use the Google Stadia troubleshooter,

  • Open a web browser and launch the Stadia troubleshooter. Here’s the link:
  • Select the checkboxes to verify you have covered the basic troubleshooting steps and click on Continue.
  • Select your Stadia device from the list and click on Continue.
  • If you’re experiencing a lag in your gameplay, select the option Distorted Visuals or unresponsive play and click on Continue.
  • On the next page, Google will recommend a set of troubleshooting steps for you to try. If the issue is still not resolved, select No under ‘Is the issue resolved?’
  • Click on Continue to resume the troubleshooting process.

Update Google Stadia App

If you are still facing the same issues, head over to Google Play Store on your device and update the Stadia app to the latest version available for your device. This has fixed the issue for a number of users and your error message could simply disappear.

Restart your Device 

Any system unidentified glitches in your system may degrade the performance of Google Stadia. Restarting your system will refresh and likely solve any issues that are hindering your Google Stadia performance. Be it a smartphone or Android TV, switch off or turn off the device. Wait a couple minutes and turn it on again.

A lot of the cloud gaming services available today including Google Stadia do not require you to acquire any expensive hardware. All you need is compatible hardware and a stable internet connection so that the game you are trying to stream on your local device works without any disturbances. 

But, despite strong internet connections and compatible hardware, Google Stadia users still face issues and there’s never really a proper solution for every problem that occurs. The only way to be sure is to follow the trial and error method, try out the various troubleshooting ways and check if your issue gets resolved. Cloud gaming technology is indeed a new, booming field that is still evolving and being experimented

. It’s only common that users to face various issues with Google Stadia but let’s hope the troubleshooting steps work and that Google is able to provide a more stable, permanent fix in their future updates.