Fix & troubleshoot: Freevee app not working in 2022

In this post, we discuss fix & troubleshoot: freevee app not working

There is a great way now to cut down your streaming bill and isn’t that just amazing?! You can try using Amazon Freevee services! Amazon Freevee is a free, ad supported video streaming service that was launched as IMDB Freedive in January 2019. Unlike Amazon’s premium video streaming service, Prime, Amazon Freevee offers old movies and TV shows including classics and a few originals.You get a pretty huge collection of movies and TV shows and while this service is only available in UK and US, it is set to debut in Germany.

Is your Freevee app not working?

No online streaming service is without its flaws. Are you facing any issues while trying to stream your favourite shows on Freevee? This could be due to some issues in your device or your internet connection.

What are the common issues users face with Freevee?

  • You may be getting a black or whittle blank screen while accessing Freevee
  • Your Freevee app may not load properly
  • You may face login issues with your Freevee account
  • You may face issues with the app installation 
  • You may face issues with audio and video settings in the app

How to fix issues with Freevee app not working?

fix freevee app not working

Fix the blank screen issue

One of the most common issues users face with the Freevee app is getting a blank screen while trying to stream the shows. As soon as you launch the app, you will see a blank screen and then the app will crash.

This could be due to a temporary loading issue. Try force closing the Freevee app. 

  • Under the recent applications menu, find the Freevee app and close it.
  • Launch the app again and it should work fine.

Try doing a hard reboot on your phone if the above method is not working.

  • Press and hold the Home and Power buttons on your phone for about ten seconds
  • Release the buttons when your phone is turned off
  • After sometime, press the Power button again and turn on the phone
  • Your app should work fine after the reboot

There is another way to fix this blank screen issue. Wait till your phone battery dies and it is turned off automatically. Charger your phone and turn it on again. Check if it’s working now.

Fix Freevee app not loading issue

For starters, the Freevee app servers may be down and that’s probably why you’re facing loading issues with the app. The only solution for this is to wait it out until the servers are back up and running.  Check your internet connection as your WiFi connection may not be working properly or the connection may be too slow. Also, if too many users are using the Freevee app at the same time, you may face loading issues . Try again after sometime and check if the app is loading properly.

Fix Freevee app installation issues 

If you are facing issues while installing the Freevee app, here are some troubleshooting steps for you to try.

  • Make sure your WiFi or internet connection is active and properly working. If your internet connection is down, you may face installation issues with the app.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your phone while installing the app. Less storage will block app installations on your phone.

Fix audio or video settings

If you are not able to hear the audio properly while using the Freevee app on your phone, here’s what you can do!

  • Check your mobile phone’s audio and make sure it’s working fine
  • Use headphones to determine if the audio issue is with your phone or the Freevee app
  • For issues with video buffering or loading, please check your internet connection speed 

With Amazon’s Freevee app, you can easily watch thousands of hit movies and TV shows 24/7! Any minor issues you face with the app can be quickly resolved with this article as it guides you through various common issues and its fixes!