Fix & troubleshoot: Fall Guys not working, crashing on startup, invite error

In this post, we discuss how to fix & troubleshoot: Fall Guys not working, crashing on startup, invite error. Fall Guys recently became free to play by joining hands with Epic games and the number of users playing the game have increased tremendously.

In Fall Guys, you have a set of mini-games that you have to complete in order to move to the next round. It’s only common for a game as popular as the Fall Guys to face errors and glitches due to its sudden heavy load of users. Right from connectivity issues to not being able to launch the game, users are facing several errors. These errors occur due to some glitches or bugs in the game software.

While the game’s developer Mediatonic has been releasing patches and other updates to correct the bugs, the players are still facing minor errors. A lot of the players have reported that the game crashes midway or that they are not able to invite friends to play. This article aims at breaking down those errors by providing earth trundling steps for you to fix the problem. Keep reading!

Fix & troubleshoot: Fall Guys not working, crashing on startup, invite error

Restart the game

Sounds like an easy one but it definitely works like a charm! No matter what issue you are facing, restarting the game will definitely solve the issue for you. Errors including loading screens will also get solved by using this troubleshooting method.

Check the server status

Before you jump into conclusions, make sure the issue is not on the game’s side. Make sure the Fall Guys game server is functioning properly. Due to its recent spike in the number of players, the Fall Guys game server is likely to face a lot of contention and server traffic which can lead to server issues.

How to check the gamey server status?

Visit the link below

Once you hit the url above, you will be able to check the status of the game servers.

If the server is not in operational status, all you can do is wait it out until the issue gets resolved. You can also check the Fall Guys Twitter account to check for updates on the server status.

Fix the Freezing/ Crashing Issue

Is your game freezing or crashing whenever you try to launch it? Sometimes, the game may freeze or crash when you are trying to exit a match or transition between rounds. No problem! You can easily solve this issue by force closing the game and restarting it.

Here’s how you can do it!

  • On your PC System, open the Task Manager
  • Force close the FallGuys_client.exe file
  • Now, launch the Fall Guys game again and see if the error is resolved.

Check your internet connection

Sometimes when you are trying to login to Fall Guys, you may face the failed to login issue. In that case, make sure your internet connection is stable with high speed. Try switching to a wired network. A wired network connection is more reliable than a Wifi connection.

Reinstall the game

No matter which error you are facing, whether it’s a launch issue or crash issue, this method usually works. You can uninstall the Fall Guys game and install it again. Doing this will even download the latest updates for the game if they are available.

Wait for the developer to fix it

If you have tried the common trusting methods and if you still continue to face the issues, the best thing for you to do is to wait it out. Usually, the Fall Guys team is constantly working to provide fixes to solve these common errors. You can wait until the next patch or update for the game is released.

The troubleshooting steps explained in this article will certainly help you solve the common errors you might face while playing Fall Guys. Let’s hope the Fall Guys team releases permanent fixes for these commonly occurring issues in their future updates.

Meanwhile, you can try out these simple steps to fix Fall Guys not working and enjoy the game.

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