Fix & Troubleshoot : F1 2022 not working/ crashing on startup

In this post, we discuss how to fix F1 2022 not working/ crashing on startup.

F1 2022 is one of the best racing games known today! As you might already know, it is the official video game of the 2022  FIA Formula One World Championship. This mind-blowing game is available on Steam, EA Play/Origin, and Epic Games Store if you are looking to play on the PC. It is also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Despite the game’s flawless performance, it is prone to bugs and errors. Several users have reported that they are facing crash issues while launching the game. Some users struggle with not being able to launch the game. For a few others, the game crashes immediately after launching.

But, don’t worry! There are plenty of fixes available in this article for you to try and fix the game’s launch issues.

F1 2022 not working

Check the game’s system requirements

First, it is recommended to make sure that your PC meets the minimum game requirements. If your system’s features are not matching the game’s requirements, there is no surprise that your game is not launching. Try to update the suggested in your system or try playing the game in a different system that meets the requirements.

Check if the drivers are updated

Have you checked if your system meets the Game requirements? Is your answer yes but you are still facing crash issues? Did you know that an outdated graphics driver could be one of the reasons why F1 2022 is not launching? Check if the graphics driver you are using is the latest version. If not, download the latest driver updates for your PC. If you are too lazy to do the process manually, you can use Driver Booster to do it automatically. Driver Booster comes in handy because it will automatically recognize and download the updates in your system. If you are not a techie, this is extremely useful as it handles all the technical stuff.

Let’s check the steps below to know how to use Driver Booster

  • Download and install Driver Booster
  • While you are running Driver Booster, click on the Scan option
  • Now, Driver Booster will scan and identify any driver-related problems
  • Click on the Update Now option
  • This will automatically download and install the proper drivers for your system
  • Once the process is complete, restart your PC
  • Now, launch the F1 22 game to check n off you are no longer facing launch or crash issues

Verify game files on Steam

Steam has a very useful feature for its users. If you are suspicious about the integrity of your game software. It performs a check that allows it to verify whether the files on your local machine are the same as the files available on the Stream servers.

If any mismatch is found, Steam will delete the corrupted files and download the correct ones.

Follow the below steps,

  • Open Steam and go to the library
  • Right-click on the game and click Properties
  • Go to the local files
  • Click on Verify integrity of the game file
  • Wait for Steam to validate the F1 22 game games
  • Now, launch the game again to check if the issue still exists

Perform a clean boot

Do you have an antivirus system in the software? Sometimes, the antivirus could be causing your game to crash or not launch properly. 

Let’s perform a clean boot to solve this issue.

  • Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the Run tool
  • Type msconfig and press Enter
  • Go to the Services tab
  • Check the box for Hide all Microsoft services
  • Click the Disable all button
  • Click Apply
  • Restart your system for the changes to reflect

Reinstall Steam and F1 22

If none of the above-listed fixes are working, you can try reinstalling the game. Maybe the current version of your game or the current version of Steam installed on your PC is not the latest one. Uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of the game or Steam might fix the issue for you.

F1 22 is a newcomer to the series of F1 racing games. Even though fans of the game are super excited for it, the game does have minor performance issues. Users have reported that the game crashes quite a bit while they are playing. Hopefully, the fixes explained in this article will solve the problem.