[5 Ways] Fix Expedia not letting me book issue

In this post, we discuss how to fix the issue of Expedia not letting me book.

Expedia is a popular platform for travel-related needs. Users can either use the website or download and use the Expedia app for using its several features. Expedia makes it easier to plan and book flights and hotels for your upcoming trip(s). Expedia’s popularity is because it is extremely easy to use and has several benefits. Users can not only make flight and stay bookings but also contact hotels and their front desks to resolve any problems, clear doubts, or make requests. Features like these make it incredibly easy for users to plan their trips ahead.

There are several other reasons why users prefer Expedia as well. Users have a wide variety of options to choose for in terms of flights and accommodation options. Apart from that, users also earn amazing rewards when they use the platforms. They can use these rewards later in the future to get discounts while making bookings and in other forms as well.

For users who do not have much idea about the place they’re visiting, Expedia also offers interesting facts and worthy recommendations. All in all, it is one of the best available platforms for all your travel-related needs.  Expedia is undoubtedly an amazing platform to make your bookings. But over time, there has been a rise in the number of complaints as well. Users report that they’re unable to make bookings through Expedia.

fix Expedia not letting me book
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Potential reasons why you might be unable to make bookings on Expedia

There are several potential causes behind why you may be unable to make bookings using Expedia. Some of the most popular causes are severe issues, technical glitches, device-related problems, and sometimes, something as simple as slow internet.

But the good thing is that we can deal with these problems very easily and relatively quickly as well. Here, in this article, we’re going to discuss these possible reasons why Expedia isn’t letting you book and also the methods to deal with them.

fix Expedia not letting me book
Source: Expedia Twitter Handle

Five ways to fix Expedia not letting me book issue

Method 1: Check your internet connection

The first thing that users should always immediately check if facing problems regarding bookings is their internet/Wi-Fi connection. Make sure you have an active connection and also ensure that the speed is decent. If the network coverage is poor or your internet/Wi-Fi unstable or slow, you are bound to face problems. So you may try relocating to a location with better network or switch to a better and more stable network altogether.

Method 2: Check your payment method

If Expedia is not letting you make a booking then crosscheck your mode of payment. Make sure that you’re putting in the right details. Incorrect card number, incorrect PIN, incorrect card owner’s name, and insufficient funds are the topmost reasons why users face issues making online payments.

Method 3: Restart the application

Sometimes, a few app features fail to function due to minor technical difficulties. If you’re using the Expedia app, close the application and restart it. In case you are using the web page, refresh the page or close the tab and open it again. Start with a fresh attempt at making a booking and see if your request is processed.

fix Expedia not letting me book
Source: Expedia Twitter Handle

Method 4: Check if Expedia is down or if there are server problems

Many a time, no matter how hard you try, Expedia won’t let you book. This may indicate a problem with the website or app servers. In this case, most users face the same problems and are unable to make bookings. Sometimes, other app features may also be unavailable. Check if the app is down or is experiencing server issues. If yes, you cannot do anything except wait for some time. After a little while, when their team resolves the problem, you would be able to book easily.

Method 5: Contact Customer Support/Raise a Complaint

If none of the above-mentioned fixes work for you and the problem still persists then we recommend you talk directly to customer support. They will take up your complaint on a case basis and try their best to help you out. You may reach out through their helpline number or e-mail. The internet has certainly made our lives easier but it also has its own downsides. These small issues we face are examples of that. However, the good thing is we can easily resolve these problems on our own.

Try our recommended methods to fix Expedia not letting me book issue and start booking again.

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