Fix & troubleshoot: Amazon Luna sound not working issues [2022]

In this post, we discuss how to fix & troubleshoot Amazon luna sound not working issues. 

Cloud gaming services are invading every single household in recent times! Amazon Luna entered the gaming market this year in March and it’s been doing rather well. All you have to do is spend some amount of money to sign for a Luna subscription and you are good to go. Amazon Luna basically allows its users to stream their favourite games on any compatible device from a remote server. This inevitably reduces any download or installation time and lets you instantly play the game! You don’t need a gaming console or any dedicated hardware equipment to play games on Amazon Luna. Devices that are compatible with Amazon Luna include Windows or Mac PC, Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and Fire TV gear.

If you are still not sure, you can head over to their official website to check if the device you own is compatible.

No matter how much potential Amazon Luna has, it’s still prone to errors and temporary issues that can be frustrating when you are in the middle of playing your favourite game! A lot of users who are using Luna have reported that they face issues with the game audio. In this article, let’s try to figure out what’s causing these audio issues and how we can fix them. Nobody likes to play games without sound effects!

Fix & troubleshoot: Amazon Luna sound not working issues [2022]

amazon luna sound not working

Check the Audio Settings on the Luna app 

If you are facing issues with audio while you are playing games on Amazon Luna, then we need to check if the audio settings are proper.

Follow the steps below and proceed.

  • Open your Luna app
  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on Audio & Video Quality
  • Click on Audio Input
  • Make sure the available microphone is selected
  • If not, click on the microphone listed.

Check your internet connection

If the audio settings are properly set, check if your internet connection is fast with a strong signal. You could be facing issues with the game audio while streaming because of a slow internet connection. Amazon recommends an internet connection with a connection speed of 10 Mbps for streaming games in 1080p. Your internet speed could be fluctuating and thus, game audio may be lagging . Do an internet speed test online to check if you meet Luna’s minimum internet requirements.

Use a wired connection 

A better solution to avoid fluctuating internet connection speeds that cause audio lag in your games is to ditch your WiFi connection and switch to a wired connection.  This will reduce the audio lag issues you are facing to a great extent

Contact the Support Team

If nothing else works, it’s time to call in the professionals. Reach out to the Amazon Luna Support team. You can mention your issues and get it fixed with timely assistance.

Amazon Luna has immense potential when it comes to online cloud gaming. No gaming technology is without ups and downs! Luna offers a great variety of games that you can easily play on almost any device. For an even better gaming experience, you can get the Luna gaming controller. And the best part is, even though it has its own dedicated gaming controller, Amazon Luna supports other gaming controllers like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and even a mouse and keyboard! Hope this article is helpful to you in solving your Amazon Luna audio issues.

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