[4 Ways] Fix TCL Roku TV Black screen with sound issue

Initially, when people had to go out to theatres for watching films and television programs took forever to air, people had no choice but to spend handsomely for entertainment. However, things have changed now and entertainment has not only become more accessible but also more affordable. TCL Roku TV is one of the most desired and promising electronic products in the market presently. Users love it and highly recommend the product due to several factors. These factors include access to limitless entertainment program options, great quality products, and feasible prices. With the TCL Roku TV, users can now stream their favorite shows and movies online whenever they feel like it. With access to multiple entertainment programs, you always have something new and exciting to watch.

But all good things have drawbacks too. Albeit, the TCL Roku TV is one of the most admirable electronic products we can purchase, it too has its own downsides just like any other electronic gadget. These issues can be bothersome and recurring so users naturally want to fix them as soon as possible. A popular complaint made by TCL Roku TV users is regarding the black screen where the sound works. Now one may get confused as to what exactly this means. Well, in this scenario, users complain that their TV turns on, the sound or audio works properly but there’s no video. The screen remains black.


Why does the TCL Roku TV Black screen with sound issue happen?

The thing is, all electronic gadgets are bound to cause problems every now and then. It is nothing but a downside of technology. But the good thing is that you can easily fix this issue in most cases on your own.

There are several reasons why users may experience this problem. It could be a minor glitch or issue that causes the problem whereas it may also be a hardware issue. In this article, we are about to discuss some simple causes why this issue may be occurring and also the possible solutions that TCL Roku TV users may try.

Ways to fix the Fix TCL Roku TV Black screen with the sound issue


Method 1: Restart your TCL Roku TV

Whenever we encounter any problems regarding electronic gadgets, this should be our first go-to workaround. Many a time, gadgets either don’t start up properly or don’t work properly due to some glitch. Rebooting the device normally helps and resolves the issue. So, reboot your TV and see if the problem is there even after the TV starts again.

Method 2: Check if the cables or wires fit properly

Many times, the big issues we face are a result of nothing huge but small and simple problems. The TCL Roku TV Black screen with the sound issue may be a result of this as well. If the TV screen is black but the sound works, there is a chance that the screen wires or cables may be loose. Trace the wires and check if the cables are put properly. If the wires or cables are loose or hanging then the screen may not be able to display properly. Fit the cables tightly and correctly.

Method 3: Replug all cables correctly

Make sure that all cables and wires are correctly plugged in. Sometimes, we mistakenly a cable into another plug that it is not meant for. If you plug the screen wires incorrectly into another plug, this issue may occur. Go through the user guide of the product and replug all wires correctly.

Method 4: Contact tech support

If none of the above mentioned workarounds help then there is a chance that your screen may be broken or there must be some other hardware issue. You can contact tech support or seek help from a professional. They will visit your house and check the TCL Roku TV physically. They will study the physical condition of the TV and may take the TV along with them for repair.



As mentioned before, all good things have their own side effects too. While issues with electronic gadgets can be particularly annoying and bothersome, they are normally easily resolvable as well.

Try our suggested methods to resolve the TCL Roku TV Black screen with the sound issue and watch your favorite content easily.