Fix: PS Plus network delay too long for game streaming error

In this post, we discuss how to fix Ps plus network delay too long for game streaming error.

If you are a PS Plus, you might face the below error sometimes.

Unfortunately, your network delay might be too long for game streaming”

This can get frustrating especially when you are not sure how to get it solved. This error can also occur on PS 5 and PS 4 while using the Game Stream service. But, don’t worry! There are some workarounds available to fix this issue and this article will discuss those ways in detail.

Fix: Ps Plus network delay too long for game streaming error

Switch to a wired connection

As convenient as it is to use a Wifi connection to play your favourite games on PS Plus, it isn’t always stable and reliable. Connecting your console to the internet with an Ethernet cable is the ideal and recommended way to solve this issue quickly. A weird internet connection will make way for seamless and lag-free gameplay.

Check if other devices are connected to the network

If you are using a Wifi connection at home, there are chances for other devices in your home to be connected to the same network as your PS console. This can severely reduce your internet signal strength and cause errors while you are playing. Make sure other devices are not hogging your internet connection. Other devices that are connected to the same network may have downloads running in the background or updates in progress. This can impact your gameplay and cause lags.

Disconnect other devices if they are connected to the same network as your PS or connect your PS console to a different network.

Check the status of the PS servers

You can head over to the link below to check the status of the PS Now server to make sure the problem lies there.

To check PS Now server status:

If the servers are up and running but you are still facing the issue, then the network delay could be due to some instability that occurred with your internet connection. A good place to start to address this issue is to restart your modem or router. Switch off your modem/router and wait for 5 minutes. Turn it back on again and try accessing your games on PS Now.

Restart your PS5 

Sometimes all you need is a simple restart of your PS console and it will magically solve things for you. Try the steps mentioned below and check if you are still facing the issue.

  • Turn off your PS until it is switched off.
  • Press and hold the Power button on the front of the console.
  • Hold the button for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound.
  • Your console will shut down. Make sure you have saved all unsaved data.
  • Press the Power button again and your PS 5 will restart automatically.

Contact the PS Support team

Before you contact the support team, you can always look up your issue to find relevant information or try the workarounds discussed in this article.  If nothing works, go ahead and seek out professionals.

Visit the link below to contact the PS Support team

You can search for your issue in the search bar on the web page. You can also contact them detecting by clicking on the Contact Us option at the bottom of the web page.

The PS Plus game streaming service is becoming more and more popular in many countries including North America. Minor issues like these can be a bit of a headache but, hopefully this article will help you with solving the network delay issues quickly. 

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