Fix: Oculus Quest 2 controller drift in easy steps

When you are in the middle of playing your favorite game, have you ever noticed your character in the game going completely out of control? Are you trying to make your game character go left but is he walking to the right instead? It can be annoying when you face glitches like these during crucial parts of the game! So, what do you do when your controller seems to have a mind of its own? Keep reading to find out how you can easily fix your Oculus Quest 2 drift issues!

The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset is a super lightweight, comfortable, and powerful device that can give you impressive and detailed virtual reality experiences. This is one of the best VR devices available in the market today for beginners. It’s a must-have device if you are a die-hard techie so, don’t miss out on it!

 The Oculus Quest 2 offers its users the most realistic experiences ever with a range of game-changing accessories. 

All these amazing features would go to waste if your controller decides to act up. So, let’s take a look at what we can do to solve the controller drift issue. First, let’s make sure you are indeed facing a stick drift issue and not something else. Drift issues are more common in controllers having a joystick component. Any peculiar or unplanned behavior from your game character could mean you are facing drift issues. For example, misdirection is an obvious side effect. If you are trying to move your character forward but he veers to the left instead or if you are not touching the joystick but your character still continues to move. It’s super annoying and makes playing the game extremely difficult. 

A lot of the users have reported facing similar issues so let’s jump to the solution!

Clean your controller 

The first step that seems to be an immediate solution to controller drift issues is cleaning your Oculus Quest 2 controllers. After a prolonged period of usage, it’s no surprise your controllers may have collected dust and debris. There could be build-up that’s affecting the performance of your controller. So, try cleaning it thoroughly. This could be the ultimate solution to solving this issue.

Blow on your Joystick

Many users across the globe have determined this to be an effective way. Well, there is really no harm in giving it a try! Push down the joystick and blow into it. This will remove the excess dust or dirt particles that might be stuck in the crevices. Make sure you have gotten rid of excess particles and try using the controller again. Your problem should be solved.

Try using compressed air

Another surefire way to make sure you have thoroughly cleaned your controller is to use compressed air. You can get a can of compressed air on Amazon for really decent prices. Some of these cans come with a long nozzle that’s extremely useful in reaching the nooks and corners in the area surrounding your joystick. Position the nozzle of the can properly in the gaps between the joystick and the controller and spray. This will wipe away the dirt and debris that likely caused your controller to malfunction.

Use wipes to clean the dust 

If you don’t want to go to the lengths of purchasing a can of compressed air spray, this is what Ocus suggests. You can use a dry cloth or non-abrasive, anti-bacterial wipes to gently clean your controller. Restrain from using any alcohol-based cleaning solutions or abrasive wipes.

Use a toothpick

An immediate solution to your problem can be achieved by using a toothpick! If you have lying around the house, pick one! But be extremely careful and extra gentle when you are doing this. Using the pointy end of the toothpick, try to clean the dirt or debris by moving the joystick around. Once you’re done. blow around the joystick just for good measure to get rid of any lingering dirt. This technique seemed to work for most of the users. 

Remove the batteries 

Have you cleaned the controller and it looks pristine but you are still facing issues? Then, let’s try to perform a hard reset equivalent on your controller. Remove the batteries from your controller, Wait for a few minutes before you insert them back, and check again. If you are lucky enough, this might work for you!

Contact Oculus Support

If you have tried cleaning the controllers and reinserting the batteries and if still nothing works, it’s time to call in the professionals. Contact Oculus support. Similar complaints have been registered with Oculus. Usually, the Oculus team asks the user to send a video of the problem they are facing for better understanding. This helps the team to identify the root cause and provide accurate solutions. If your controller were to be replaced, the Oculus team can help you with that as well.

If you are looking for a comfortable way to experience your favorite games and simulations in virtual reality, grab the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset now! Add in the accessories available and you will be making your gaming experience even more realistic! Some of these accessories include a safety mat, headphones, charging cable, head strap, controller grip and so much more! Controller drift is a widespread problem so don’t worry if you are facing his issue. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your Oculus Quest 2! Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of your controller can easily help to prevent this problem from occurring. So don’t get overly stressed as these things happen all the time. Hope the fixes mentioned in this article helped you to solve your controller issues!