[6 Ways] Fix Ikea payment processing failed issue

Are you unable to make a payment at Ikea? If your payment processing keeps failing while shopping at Ikea, you can learn ways to resolve it in this article.

Ikea is a popular Scandinavian chain that sells good quality ready-to-assemble furniture and housewares at reasonable prices. Ikea stores are pretty similar to warehouses. They are known for their wide variety of durable, modern, and inexpensive furniture and housewares collections.

In 2021, Ikea was ranked the eighth most valuable retailer in the world. This made it the most valuable furniture retail brand. Ikea has a brand value of over $21 Billion Dollars.

Ikea sells its products both offline and online. Its online stores are a classic Blue and Yellow color that resembles the Swedish flag, given the company’s Swedish origin. The company has extremely large stores that usually require a full-day tour. The store also offers online services to people who want to buy Ikea products but don’t have an Ikea store in their city.

Just like in the case of any other online platform, buyers can choose their favorite products from a range of commodities and order them online by providing their information like name, address, and lastly, making a payment. However, sometimes, users report facing issues wherein their payment processing fails. As a result, they’re unable to complete the payment and are unable to place their orders as well.

Source: Ikea USA Twitter

Why does my Ikea Payment Processing fail?

There are can be several reasons why users face this issue. In some cases, only a few users face this. This indicates that there is something wrong with either the users’ cards or their Ikea accounts. It may also be a bank-related problem. Sometimes, when bank servers are suffering or experiencing issues, the customers of that particular bank or bank branch may be unable to process online payments and other banking features.

In some other cases, some glitch on Ikea store’s part may be causing the problem. In this article, we are about to discuss the possible potential causes behind the Ikea Payment Processing Failed issue, and will also learn some workarounds for the same.

Source: Ikea USA Twitter

6 ways to fix the Ikea Payment Processing Failed issue

Method 1: Try re-logging into your Ikea account

Log out of your Ikea account and close the app. Now re-log into your account using your credentials and start placing your order afresh. Choose the products you want to buy and add them to the cart, fill in your information, put in your payment details, and try placing the order again.

Method 2: Make sure your card works fine. If not try another card

Make sure that you are putting in the right information. Providing an incorrect card number or having insufficient funds in your bank account may also lead to this problem. So make sure that you are providing all the correct details such as the card number, CVV, expiration date if asked, and card owner’s name. You should also check if you have sufficient funds in your account. If you are sure that neither of the mentioned cases is the cause, then try using another card. We recommend using a card from a different bank so if the payment processing keeps failing due to server issues with your bank, you can successfully pay using a card from another bank.

Method 3: Try updating your address

Try removing words like “Apt” or “P.O.Box” from your address as sometimes the Ikea store’s system may not be able to detect these in the address column. Write the correct address using simple characters as special characters may not be acceptable in the address column and see if it works.

Source: Ikea USA Twitter

Method 4: Clear your cookies and user history

If the problem still persists then you should try clearing your cookies and your browser’s history as well. This one works for most people.

Method 5: Try another browser

Sometimes, users are likely to face similar problems while using a certain browser. If you continue to face the same issue, then try using a different browser.

Method 6: Check Ikea’s Status

There is hardly a chance that you continue facing the same problem after trying the above-mentioned workarounds but in case that happens, check if Ikea is temporarily down. The Ikea Store’s servers may either be down or experiencing some problems. In this case, you can contact customer support or wait for some time.


While the benefits of technology and it’s byproducts are immense, there are always certain drawbacks too. Server errors, technical glitches, etc. are some examples of these drawbacks.

But the good thing is that in case of Ikea, users have several means of resolving their issues.

Here we, have mentioned some common methods that you may try to resolve your Ikea Payment Processing Failed issue.