Fix: Google Family Link parent access code not working

In this post, we discuss the Google Family link parent access code not working

Google’s Family Link is a great app that lets you control and monitor your child’s Android devices. Basically, you can set digital ground rules for your children about using a particular app or phone. You can be with them every step of the way as they play, learn, and explore. This app is a great way to help your child make healthy decisions about what they do on their phone. You can set certain limits that prevent your children from using their mobile phones all the time.

How to get the parent access code to access your child’s device?

If your child’s phone is prompting you to enter the parent access code, you can do so by following the steps below.

  • Visit this kink and log in to your account

  • After logging in,  in the upper left corner, click on Menu
  • You will find the option Access code for Parents

This code changes every few minutes so, make sure to enter the correct code that is valid and not expired.

Sometimes after entering the parent access code, you might get an error saying that the access code is incorrect. In such cases, follow the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Fix: Google Family Link parent access code not working

Reach out to Google Help Desk

Google’s Support team is pretty reliable when it comes to solving your Family Link issues and pricing quick fixes.

Perform a Factory reset on your phone

If you are not able to use the Parent access code on your Family Link, try performing a factory reset on your phone. After the Factory reset, you should be having no trouble with the Family link on your phone.

Make sure you have the right apps installed

On the Parent device, make sure you have installed the Google Family Link for Parents app and on the child’s device, make sure you have installed the Google Family Link for Children and Teens app. Please note that these two apps are separate apps.

The initial setup for Family Link can be a bit of a hassle but the features the app provides are extremely useful. You can restrict your child’s access to certain apps and even monitor their activities regularly. If the steps mentioned above aren’t working, you can always reach out to the Google Support team to get the issue fixed in no time!

Fix & troubleshoot: iPhone / iOS Family link not working