Fix : Fall Guys error code 201_003 & 200_001

In this post we discuss how to fix  fall guys error code 201_003 & 200_001

Fall Guys is a very popular battle royale game that was developed by Mediatonic. It’s a super fun game that involves upto 60 players in which jelly bean like game characters compete against each other in a series of mini-games like tag and obstacle courses. Just last week, Mediatonic partnered up with Epic games for releasing the game as console Free to play! It received an immense response in the first 48 hours after release. You can either play solo or team up sms score points. It’s all fun and games until you are faced with a particular error that stops you from playing the game. Error codes 201_003 & 200_001 are common errors that are faced by the game’s users all across the globe. Don’t worry! This article will help and guide you in resolving these errors and get you back to your game in no time.

What is error code 201_003?

Different users interpret this error code differently. Few players have even suggested that this error code is only prompted on Nintendo Switch but it’s equally likely to occur on the PC version of the game as well. This error code’s message is the same as the one for error code 200_1040.  Off your are playing the game on the PC, you will be shown an error message that says the local game files have been corrupted or deleted. If you are using a Nintendo switch, only the error code will be prompted when you try to join the other players.

What is error code 200_001?

This particular error code is prompted when the Fall Guys server is down or due to some bug in the game or corrupted files. Now that we know what the error is about, let’s move forward to find out how we can fix the error easily. There are several different ways you can try out to solve this issue and all these troubleshooting methods have worked for the majority of users.

Fix : fall guys error code 201_003 & 200_001

Run the game as an administrator

Usually, this method works for any game that has some kind of bug or error that prevents it from running normally. By following this method, you are simply running your game on the admin settings. Launching the game by running it as an administrator gives the game more access to System and network features. This allows more freedom and unlimited write access. PC users, this little trick will come in super handy to you.

Follow the steps below to run Fall Guys as an administrator.

  • Locate the Fall Guys directory in your drive
  • Inside the main folder, right click on the game file.
  • Select Run As Administrator option
  • Click on Yes for confirmation 

There’s also another way to do this!

  • Right click on the game file
  • Click on Properties on the bottom of the sub menu that appears
  • Under the Compatibility tab, click on Run this program as an administrator
  • Save the changes

Update the Graphic Card drivers

The GPU or the Graphic card drivers are an integral part of every computer system that supports any type of game. Even though Fall Guys is not a demanding game in terms of graphics, it is still recommended to keep your Graphic drivers up to date. This will ensure that your game runs smoothly and you can easily avoid unwanted errors in the game. Check for updates in your GPU menu. If available, you can install and download the latest version on your PC.

Verify the files on Epic Games Store

Did you know that the Epic Games Store has a feature that allows you to check and verify your game for corrupted files? Unfortunately, there are many players who are still not aware of this. This is indeed an advantage and it saves precious time. 

Here’s how to verify your game files easily on the Epic Games Store.

  • Close the game and make sure it’s not running
  • Go to the Fall Guys game in the Eric games Library
  • Click on the three dots just below the game
  • A menu will open for you to verify the game files and data
  • The process may take time depending on the size of your game
  • Once it is completed, it will either download the missing files or tell you that everything is fine
  • Now, launch the game again to check n off the issue is fixed.

Restart your PC

This method always works like a charm even though it sounds so simple! Close your game and then, restart your PC. After restarting, launch the Fall Guys game again. This is a quick way to resolve the error code 200_001 or 200_003

Fall Guys is a game that does have several issues with its gameplay but let’s not forget that the Fall Guys team is working extremely hard to resolve these issues. Hopefully with the best patch release we will be able to say goodbye to Fall Guys error 201_003 and 201_001.

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