Fix: Fall guys error 1050 with epic games

In this post, we discuss how to fix Fall guys error 1050 with epic games.

Fall Guys is an interactive, fun filled battle royale game!  Even though Fall guys is running successfully, the game is still prone to errors and glitches. Fall Guys is known for some commonly occurring error codes that restrict you from playing your favourite game. One such error code is the 1050 code which happens quite often when you are launching the game. Let’s not forget that the Fall Guys team is constantly working on improvements and enhancements. But don’t worry, this article will help you with simple troubleshooting steps to rectify these error codes. Let’s take a look at them.

Fix: Fall guys error 1050 with epic games

Check your Firewall settings

Make sure Fall Guys is allowed to connect to the internet without any restrictions or limitations. Else, your game will be frequently throwing up errors. Check your Firewall settings and make sure it’s all properly updated.

Verify your game files

You may have recently updated your game and then it may have stopped working abruptly.  Sometimes, these update files can have errors or be corrupted. It’s recommended to check the integrity of your installation files. Luckily, the Epic game store has a way to do this.

Follow the below steps to check the integrity of your files.

  • Close the game and make sure it’s not running
  • Go to the Fall Guys game in the Eric games Library
  • Click on the three dots just below the game
  • A menu will open for you to verify the game files and data
  • The process may take a ethume depending on the size of your game
  • Once it is completed, it will either download the missing files or tell you that everything is fine
  • Now, launch the game again to check off the issue is fixed.

Reset your router

This may sound like a super simple step but trust me this troubleshooting method has a really high chance of working! Turn off your router completely. Wait for a couple seconds. Then, turn the router back on and wait for your internet connection to be established. Now, launch the Fall Guys game and check if it’s working.

Check the server status

Ever since Fall Guys joined hands with Epic games, the game platform has been growing with users from all over the world. This will undoubtedly lead to server crash issues. You can easily check if the Fall Guys server is down by visiting the below link.

Once you hit the above URL, you will be able to check the status of the servers.

If any of the servers show degraded performance status, then you need to wait it out until the server issues are resolved.

Fall Guys is a massive multiplayer game that recently collaborated with the Epic games as a fun time free to play game for its users. It’s been going great ever since and players across the globe are absolutely loving it. With a game as popular as this, it is common for players to face issues frequently. Hopefully, this article will help you solve the common errors that occur in the game and you can go back to playing your favourite game.