Fix : Chromecast With Google TV (CWGTV) cannot sign in to YouTube

In this post, we discuss how to fix Chromecast With Google TV (CWGTV) cannot sign in to YouTube.

Chromecast and YouTube can be of great advantage when used together.

But recently, users have been struggling with a particular issue that seems to be haunting them all of a sudden. The problem emerged quite recently and it has been affecting new users who have been trying to sign into YouTube TV on the Chromecast device or existing users who have signed out for various reasons. When users launch the YouTube TV, they are faced with the YouTube landing screen with options ‘Try it Free’ and ‘Sign in’. When you try to sign in, you get an error saying ‘Can’t Sign in’ and it prompts you to watch YouTube as a guest user. It also seems that users who already have their accounts signed in are not facing this problem. If you are one of the lucky users, that’s great! If not, don’t worry! This article will guide you through the possible workarounds available. 

The common forum threads are going with comments on how users are unable to fix this issue with YouTube on Chromecast. Some users are also complaining that troubleshooting steps like uninstalling the app or performing a factory restart are not fixing the issues at hand.

Fix: Chromecast With Google TV (CWGTV) cannot sign in to YouTube

So, what can we really do?

Turns out, you may not be able to sign in to your YouTube account on Chromecast because the Chromecast device you are using may be an older version. 

@TeamYouTube even officially tweeted saying this is likely the case.

“Thx for the screenshots. Upon checking, this is intentional. Signing in directly to YT on older Chromecast devices is not supported anymore. You can control your cast sessions from your phone while you’re logged in. To engage with vids, continue using your mobile device”

The above official tweet makes it pretty clear that the older Chromecast devices will no longer with the new updates.

The only possible solution one can come up with for this issue to be solved is to buy the new version of Chromecast and try signing into your YouTube account. Although, this is no easy workaround and requires one to spend money to get the new Chromecast device.

Another thing that you can do is contact the Google Support team.  You can use the feedback option to send info on the logs for the issue you are facing to Google. With a little patience, someone from the Google Team may contact you to help resolve the issue you are facing.

All we can do is wait for this issue to be solved. Hopefully, Google takes note of the users’ comments in the various online forums and fixes this issue in the coming updates or reverts the new changes made.  

Meanwhile, you can also try this temporary workaround to sign in to YouTube.

  • Click on ‘Switch Accounts’
  • Choose your primary Google account ( do not select your brand account)
  • The system will be forced into a loop and it will again ask you to choose an account
  • Now, choose your brand account

There is no guarantee that this method will work but surely there is no harm in trying. If none of the workarounds work for you, there is no choice but to wait for Google’s update fix!