FIFA 22: How to get high FPS & reduce input lag?

FIFA 22 is a great game and it has become a pretty fan-favorite game within quite a less time. The gameplay is good, the features are awesome and almost everything you see is on point.

But a lot of us have complained about laggy gameplay and low fps in the game. But don’t worry. Here are the methods using which you can avoid all these –


Okay, so the game mode is something that is highly recommended to use. If you have a good computer with some amazing cores and stuff, the game mode will help you a lot in getting a boosted performance without any lag or stuttering issues.

FIFA 22 reduce input lag and get fps

You will also find the Xbox Game Bar but that should be kept disabled since it is not too good to date and causes stuttering and other issues. And the overlays like that of discord or origin NVIDIA should be kept off as well. It is recommended not to use the one from Windows with capture and background recording too.


Another thing that can help you get a boosted performance is the new graphics settings. You just need to type Graphics settings in your search bar and you will get an option called hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. This one is only compatible if you have an NVIDIA video card series 1000 or above.

You won’t see much difference if you are using any good video card, but with the ones like 1050, 1050 ti, 1060 etc., you will get the advantage of the bottleneck and have an increased fps as well. You will have to restart your computer to make sure that it is applied.


This is probably one of the most important things to do if you want a good and boosted performance in the game FIFA 22. Be it the Radiant software or the ones from NVIDIA or Intel, if you are using their integrated GPU from their CPU, just go to their website and download the updates available. Do not use the one from Windows as it is a generic one and you will not get any boosted performance from it.


FIFA 22 reduce input lag and get fps

This might be a new thing for many. Just go to the search bar and type Energy and you will get a window opened up. Go to the power option and make sure that you are running balanced or high performance.

This is a bit tricky though. If you are using any desktop, you won’t normally have this issue. This is mostly for those who play on laptops. When you unplug your laptop, the system runs on the battery, so it goes onto the Power Saver mode.

But when you plug it back in, it does not go back to normal or balanced performance. Hence, you are not using the full capacity and are running at about 50-60% of the max capacity. So it is really important to run it manually.


For this, simply go to the folder where you have the game installed. Click on the game file and then look for the game file. Right-click on it and click on properties next. Next, go to compatibility and make sure that disable full-screen optimization is checked.

Go to change IDPI settings and make sure that override IDPI scaling behavior is checked too. Press on Ok and you are done. It will help you a lot in avoiding stuttering issues.


You also need to make some changes in the game settings to strengthen your performance. For this, launch the game but don’t click on play. Just go to the Game Settings and you will have all the parameters in front of you.

The first thing is resolution, so make sure that your resolution is set to native. Don’t downscale your resolution or you will see blurry, weird graphics. It primarily depends on the computer you are using.

Also, make sure to play the game in fullscreen mode and not in Windowed or borderless mode as it will cause a lot of issues. The next is the rendering quality. Make sure to play in medium quality as it is the sweet spot for everyone, be it a high-end device or a low one.

FIFA 22 reduce input lag and get fps

But if you are playing on a laptop with an integrated GPU, run it on low to get decent performance. The next thing is anti-aliasing. You should keep it off and you will have a nice 4% boost in your fps. Coming to frame rates, you should keep it at no limit for a good performance. Of course, if you are playing on a laptop, you can keep it locked at about 30 or 60 fps depending on your device.


This is the last thing that you need to do. You will find this option in the game settings only. You should keep it to stereo and not 5.1 or 7.1 since the experience won’t be pretty good. If you have dedicated hardware for the 5.1 or 7.1 stereos, you might get a good output. But on headphones, just set it to regular stereo.

This was everything you needed to know about how to get high fos and reduce input lag in the game FIFA 22. Follow Android Gyaan for more guides like these.