Farming Simulator 19 (FS 19): How to setup steering wheel ?

Are you also wondering that how you can set up the steering wheel in Farming Simulator 19? Read the full article to know more about it. Released in late 2018, Farming Simulator 19 is the seventh installment in the farming simulator series. The whole concept of Farming Simulator revolves around a player who plays a role of a farmer. He has to survive in the farmers’ world and complete tasks like growing crops, selling them, and investing returns from sales in types of equipment, lands, etc. As the game has been played for a few years now, players often ask the question about how can they set up the steering wheel in FS19. So, here is everything you need to know.

Steering Wheel in FS19

So firstly, you are required to have a steering wheel and its software installed. For instance, if you are using a Logitech G29 steering wheel, then you must have compatible software that will run the steering wheel on your system. In the software of your steering wheel, you will be able to set various functional settings of your steering wheel such as operating range, sensitivity, centering spring strength, etc. You have to set these settings according to your skills and hand movement.

Now, go into FS19 and head to options. Here, select key binding settings and gamepad control further. This section in the game might seem confusing to some players, but all you need to do is to select the function and set it according to the steering wheel you own. Make sure that all these changes are made in the gamepad controls tab.

For the name of the keys and functions of your steering wheel, you can surf it over the internet. The settings of the steering wheel depend from company to company. So, if you found this article informative, share it with your friends.