[5 Ways] Fix Visible Mobile App not working on iPhone issue

Anyone who is fond of technology and gadgets knows about Apple. Apple is one of the top producers of electronic gadgets. It is known for its impeccable-quality products. Apple has something for everyone. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a student Or a business person, Apple’s wide range of products is suitable for all needs. iPhones are Apple’s mobile phones that serve several needs, right from calling, and clicking pictures, to surfing the internet. The sleek and classy iPhones are a little expensive but so well worth it. There are several benefits of technology but so are the downsides. Internet packs and calling plans have become so expensive that they burn a hole in your pocket. Visible is known for its unbelievably affordable price range where users get calls as well as internet facilities for as low as $30/month. The Visible app is all you need to avail of these services.

The Visible app is the one-stop solution for people considering availing of Visible’s services. Using the app, users can perform multiple functions. Right from buying a new phone, and reviewing your service features, to activating your SIM, you can do it all. Users facing problems can also contact Visible support using the Visible app. Now imagine what would happen if users start facing issues with the Visible app itself. This is the exact issue that several iPhone users are facing. Many users are reporting that they’re unable to use the Visible app on their iPhones.


Why is the Visible App not working on iPhones?

Many a time, apps trouble their users like this. There’s no one single reason that causes problems like these. There are several potential reasons that we must take into consideration. When people say that the Visible app is not working on their iPhone, they normally mean that the app does not start, does not load content properly, becomes unresponsive, closes abruptly on its own, and so on.

There are a lot of reasons that could be causing this problem as well. In some cases, it is nothing but a cache issue. In some other cases, it may be connectivity issues, and so on. But luckily, users can easily resolve these issues on their own. Read our article below. Here we have discussed the potential causes and their possible solutions to the Visible app not working on iPhone issues.

Ways to fix the Visible App not working on iPhone issue


Method 1: Check your internet connection

If your iPhone does not have a working internet plan or is not connected to a Wi-Fi network then this is the reason the app isn’t functioning. Make sure to turn ON your data connection, or connect to a working Wi-Fi network. Apart from this, also make sure that your network coverage is good and the speed is proper. Poor network coverage and slow internet or Wi-Fi are amongst the top reasons why users face problems like these.

Method 2: Relaunch the app

CLose the app on your device and restart the application. Doing this fixes any bugs or small technical glitches that might be causing the problems related to the Visible app on your iPhone.

Method 3: Clear the Visible app’s cache on your iPhone

When apps collect too much junk data while working overtime, they often cause problems like these. Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap “Safari”. Tap “Clear History and Data”. Tap to confirm your choice if prompted and close the Settings app. Now reopen the Visible app and see if it works.

Method 4: Check the app version you are using

If you are using an older version or obsolete version of the app, then problems like these are pretty common. Update the app and reopen it.

Method 5: Check if the server is down

Check if the Visible app is down at the moment. If yes, wait and try after some time.


Like all things in life, using the Visible app also has its own pros and cons. But the good thing is that there are way more pros than cons. The Visible app indeed makes your life easier and these little issues that you are encountering are just a part of the bigger, beneficial package.

Try our suggested fixes and workarounds and you will easily be able to resolve the issues related to the Visible app on your iPhone.