Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Lighthouse location release date : When is it coming out

A new Location is going to be added to Escape From Tarkov. Continue reading this article to know more about this topic. Developed and Published by Battlestate games, Escape From Tarkov is a multiplayer First Person Shooter Video Game. This game is only available to play on Microsoft Windows. The closed beta of this game was released in July 2017. It was released as a paid game without any Microtransactions within the game. Moreover, we are here to talk about a new location, Lighthouse to be introduced in Escape From Tarkov. So, here is everything you need to know about EFT Lighthouse Location.

EFT Lighthouse Location

Many rumors were roaming about the new Location in EFT. Nikita has confirmed that the Lighthouse location is going to come prior to the Street Location. The street was expected to release next year, so that makes Lighthouse come earlier. However, Lighthouse is expected to release somewhere near November. Talking about the visuals, they have not been revealed or leaked by anyone as of now. But, we can compare the other Lighthouses from Battlestate games to get an idea about the same.

We might also see two raiders in the lighthouse location. One of them is the Sniper Boss who will be defending a physical traitor on the lighthouse location. The rumors are prevailing in the community that traitors will be equipped with high damage-dealing weapons like grenade launchers or RPGs. Though they are the rumors only, the chances of this happening are quite possible as new weapons are going to be introduced in the 12.11 update.

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