Best Minecraft (1.18 update) Village Seeds for Java & Bedrock edition

Villages are probably one of the most important parts of Minecraft if we see it. Villages are a lot important for the players who have just started playing, and for those who have been playing for a long time as well. But why are these villages so important?

It is because these places have the population, and population means that you will get a lot of loot like food, bed, resources and a lot more. But it is a known fact that villages are not easy to get in the game, right? Just to help you, here are some of the best village seeds for Minecraft 1.18 edition, and these will work on both Java and Bedrock editions –

1. 8624896

Minecraft 1.18 Best Village Seeds

This is one of the most mesmerising villages on the list. In this seed, you will see a beautiful pond or lake surrounded by some huge snow-covered mountains. Once you move a bit outside, you will see a beautiful river with the 1.18 update terrain, and further down the line will be our village.

The village will be present on the top of the land while you will also find a couple of houses and crop farms down near the river. You will also have a pillager tower anf a nether portal remains somewhere further. Overall, this is a small village on vast land to explore.

2. -3233569307804235645

This is a bigger village than the first one and is present in an amazing location. This is a dark wood village and has a kit of houses scattered around the terrain. Not just that, you will find a beautiful location of a huge pond with mountains covering it just at a small distance from the village.

You can very well build a water base or an underwater base or anything sort of that. You will find a couple of different biomes in this seed and the ocean is not too far as well!

Minecraft 1.18 Best Village Seeds

3. 2243447718

This is perhaps the best village seed on the list based on its importance. Why? It is because you get a village, and a woodland mansion as well! Minecraft players know how difficult woodland mansions are to find, and when you are getting it here, that is nothing less than awesome!

Here are the location details. On the right to your spawn point is the village and on the left is the woodland mansion. You have a really big cave in here and in the cave there is a mineshaft as well!

4. 460628901

In this seed, you will spawn right next to the village. And the best part is that you get two villages in this seed! The seed has about a couple of biomes like the grass biome and the snow biome as well.

The first village is present at a picturesque location, in the middle of both the biomes. Talking about the second one, you will find it in the grass biome. Other than that, you have caves and the whole setup is made in a crater!

5. 674132569222055801

This seed spawns you in a village present in the middle of two biomes – the snow biome and the grass biome. The terrain is a pretty big one. Talking about the village, it is a decent-sized village and is a good one to start things off.

And you will find a lot of caves and huge craters in the map as well! In simple words, you have the grass biome surrounded by the huge, huge snow mountain biome!

6. -6537256334104833826

Minecraft 1.18 Best Village Seeds

Now this one is a weird seed. You have more of a high cliff island rather than any regular terrain, and it is super, super high. Where is the village then? It is present in a really weird location. While most of us would hope the village to be present on the terrain, it is actually right below. Yep, the village is down below the cliff near the ocean. And there is a cave on the top of the village too!

These were all the village seeds for Minecraft 1.18 for both bedrock and Java edition. Follow Android Gyaan for more guides like these.