Best Minecraft (1.18 update) Survival Islands Seeds for Java & Bedrock edition

Minecraft is already a superbly amazing and interesting game to play, and it is made more interesting with a variety of maps and seeds we get. For those who do not know, seeds are actually kind of maps that have certain customizations made.

And you can very well use the seeds to create your own world! We have a lot of seeds in the game, be it for islands, villages, snow mountains, or anything. And in this article, you will get to know about some of the best survival island seeds present in the game.

What is a survival island? It is a simple island with water all around and you can use it as per your wish. The seeds featured on this list can be used both on Java and Bedrock editions. Here are these –

Best Minecraft 1.18 Survival seeds

1. 937250616

This one is a massive, massive survival island seed. If you look around it, it will take you a lot longer than usual to just explore jt. It is actually a cliff, or maybe a collection of cliffs placed at a pretty big height.

The best part about this seed is that you will get quite a lot of different biomes to see, like Jungle biome, snow biome, savanna biome and maybe some more as well. Other than these, you have a lot of cool caves to explore in the edges too. Explore a bit, and you will find the lush caves and a lot more. And you have the whole island for your creativity!

2. 32

If you want a simple, small island to build your base or do any other stuff, this one is it. It is a small island covered by water all around and is not placed at a big height either. This island has only one biome, the grass biome, and you will see a bit of the desert biome as well.

If you turn up to the sea and do some travelling, you will find a lot of other islands scattered all around too. Just to conclude, it is a simple yet sweet island.

Best Minecraft 1.18 Survival seeds

3. 816802188

If you love snow and the snow biome, this seed is for you. This is a pretty big island as well and is placed at some serious height. There are a lot of cliffs around here, so be careful while exploring!

The best part about this island is that you will find a lot of shipwrecks and broken monuments around the map. You have quite some caves and lush caves included too. If you want to warn XP, go into the list caves and do some killing stuff!

4. 485413900

This one is a very big island just like the first one on the list. And it is for those who love the snow biomes too. You will see the regular grass biome here as well. If we break it down mathematically, you will find about 80% of the land has snow and the rest 20% has grass.

Other than that, you will see quite a lot of snow caves included on this island. And you will find the goats- included in the 1.18 update – and bunnies roaming here and there! You will find large craters and beautiful monument-like structures as well!

5. 1248939201

This one is a 2-in-1 deal for you since you will get two different amazing islands in one seed, but there are several others as well. The primary island is a big, big one and has two biomes – the snow biome and the grass biome.

Best Minecraft 1.18 Survival seeds

The next one is a smaller one with the jungle and desert biome. So you will get four important biomes here. The bigger island can be considered to be a collection of a lot of smaller caves and craters. Do some exploration and you might find some city end portals as well! Just to summarise, this one is a great all-rounder seed!

These were the best survival island seeds that you will get to play in the 1.18 version of Minecraft for both Java and Minecraft editions. Follow Android Gyaan for more guides like these!