[6 Ways] Fix Visible Mobile App not working on Android issue

We live in a digital world and it is impossible to imagine life without technology today.  Most people use the internet today, some either to work and others for studying, and leisure. These things make internet charges one of the biggest expenses people have. While the internet is extremely important, so are the old-school features of telephones like calling and texting. Most people are exhausted bearing the immense expense of calling and internet plans and Visible has become a popular name in this field due to this reason. With plans as low as $30 a month, Visible is enticing its potential customers with great prices and even greater services. Visible is truly digital in the sense that users can only avail the different services through the Visible app. There are no kiosks and shops available for availing of Visible packs.

The Visible app is a must-have for potential customers considering purchasing the services. For existing users as well, the app is a blessing. Users can use the Visible app for several purposes like signing up for the services, changing their payment methods, activating their SIM cards, checking their referral status, and so on. The Visible app also helps users enable fingerprint login, buy a new phone, go through your service features, and contact support. Due to these important functions, it is important that the app works properly. Recently, several users have been complaining that the Visible app isn’t functioning properly.


Why is the Visible App not working on Android devices

As discussed above, the Visible app is an important app for service users. Android users who are facing issues with the app are quite troubled because of app-related issues. Let us discuss the possible reasons behind the problem and also their potential solutions.

Several issues could be causing the problems related to the Visible app. In some cases, the problem is as small and simple as a cache issue, whereas in some other cases, it might be a server problem. Let us discuss in more detail ways of dealing with the problems.

Ways to fix Visible Mobile App not working on Android issue


Method 1: Restart the Visible app

Sometimes, apps face issues while working due to small and petty issues. These are mostly nothing but small technical glitches. If the Visible app isn’t working, try restarting the app. Close the app and just restart it after removing it from your recently used apps list.

Method 2: Check your connection

Does your device have an internet connection? If not, is it connected to a Wi-Fi network? Make sure to do either of the two. The app is an online app and requires a good speed internet/Wi-Fi connection to function properly. Turn your data connection or WiFi off and then turn it back on. Make sure that your phone Or tab has proper network coverage as well. Switch to another network if possible. Do not keep too many devices connected to the same Mobile Hot spot network.

Method 3: Clear the cache

The issues you’re facing with the Visible app may be nothing but cache issues. Clear the app cache and user data on your device. Open Settings and then tap “Apps”. Now scroll and select the Visible app from the given options. Now tap “Storage” And then tap “Clear App Cache” And “Clear User data”. Confirm your choice and restart the app.

Method 4: Update the App

If you’re using an old version of the Visible app then this might be the reason behind the issue related to the Visible app you’re facing. Open the Play Store and search for the app. If you see the “Update” Option then select it and install the app updates. Try using the app now.

Method 5: Reinstall the app

If there is no update option then reinstall the app on your device. Uninstall the app and download it.

Method 6: Check servers

Make sure that the app servers are not down. If they’re then this is the reason you’re unable to use the Visible app. Wait for some time and try again later.


All apps trouble us at some point. But the benefits of the Visible app outweigh these small issues we face once in a while.

Try our recommended workarounds and you should be able to use the app easily.